The Ultimate Food & Exercise Tracker–Simple Tools for Weight Loss Success!

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Hey friends!  I am finally finishing up something that has been in mind for quite some time and that is a simple all-in-one Food & Exercise Tracker. Sometimes something a little different is just what is needed to get you back on your goals.  I know this plan is getting back to the “old-school” paper version  but this is a great way to break everything down on one page. This tracker is unique because it helps give you a little idea of what to each each meal and snack by suggesting a serving from a particular food group.

I will have to admit I am huge fan of using the My Fitness Pal app and recently been tracking my food with my fitbit but I seem to only track my food till lunch time and then I say heck with it, this is too tedious for me and honestly I really do no like counting my own calories, blah!   So here is a no-calorie-counting way to be fit, stay motivated for the week and just focus on incorporating real food at each meal and snack. Simple!  Well . . .at least I hope so, wink, wink! Let me break it down . . .


I am really not trying to make this confusing but I have just used a single letter to suggest what food should be eaten from the designated food group.  Remember for snacks you may just pick two – Dairy + Starch or Dairy + Fruit or Dairy + Nut or Nut + Fruit and so on . . . . only fill in two lines!

Here are the symbols:  P = Protein; D = Dairy; S = Starch (or grain); F = Fruit; N = Nuts; O = Oils.  These symbols are listed on the side of the handout as well.

What foods and how much belong in each food group?         Download Serving Size Chart





I want to keep tracking your cardio simple.  I am a very visual type of person (as you may find many charts in my house, haha!), but I thought shading in a circle for every 10 minutes of cardio done would be a good way for you to see how much (and how much you have grown) throughout the week and weeks.  Simply shade the circle for every 10 minutes of cardio and write down what activity was done.  For example walking for 30 minutes – write walking on the activity line and shade in three circles. 

Strength Training

This is not very creative but simply focusing on just four strength training activities.  This may include  30 sit-ups; 20 (8#) curls; 20 (8#) flies; etc.  Here is a great visual for know what to call each exercise – Strength Training Guide for Women


Or I also like to search on YouTube and find super-quick strength training videos.  Here are some of my favorite quick videos after some cardio!  3 Minute Intense Core Workout with Autumn Fitness  &  The Ultimate Upper Body Workout


Water, water, water . . . I don’t tell myself this enough because I am not good at drinking lots of water, coffee maybe but not water.  Remember 75% of the time you think you are hungry you are actually just thirsty, ahhh!  Think of all the calories saved!


Rate your day!

Love this – tell me how your day went . . . did you stick to your goals or did you fall off track?  If it was an okay day, then I would give that a rating of a 3.   If the day was pretty good except for an extra dessert than I would give it a 4 and so on . . .


Well, good luck and I hope this helps!  Download Daily Dietitian’s Food & Exercise Tracker.

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