My Secret to Losing Weight


Hey friends!  Are you still working hard on your New Year’s resolutions?   I hope the motivation has not dwindled but if has then I have the perfect solution for you! 

Here is  my new Magic Weight Loss Energy Drink with added motivation. Drop the weight you want to lose in just weeks.  Watch pounds disappear as eating right and exercising is effortless.  Losing weight has never and I mean never been easier!  Not only will you drop the pounds quickly but you will have the motivation and energy to carry out each day as your best day ever! Good-bye 5-Hour Energy, hello to my new weight-loss energy (keep-you-going-all-day-long) drink!  Keep up with all your kids’ demands, housework, busy work schedule, volunteering, extra-curricular activities all while maintaining the body you have always wanted, ah-ha! 

Does this sound too good to be true?  Absolutely, right?!  Well, think again . . .I may not be promoting (manufacturing) my very own Magic Weight Loss Energy Drink, but I wanted to bring your attention to something you already own . . .something that can help “turn on” your weight loss switch . . something that can keep you going and not give up.  What is the secret? 

It is your mind, something so powerful that only you have the power to control and steer in the direction of becoming the best you possible.  The mind can also be your worst enemy as you hear negative thoughts bombarding you when getting out of bed to go for a workout or when you are thinking about passing up the drive-thru for fast food.


I always tell people, if I was only able to bottle up motivation, I would be a gazillionare!  Motivation and positive thinking are the tools for successful weight loss. This year, I would like to achieve and do more as we all would, right? Lately I have been telling myself something so simple when I am so tired or when I am in the middle of interval training on the treadmill and think “Omg, I don’t think I can run at this pace, I have to stop!” I say to myself, “You can do this!”  I immediately feel better and say “Yes, I can!”  Think positive and do more for yourself.  You deserve it.

Now looking back on my Magic Weight Loss Energy Drink claims don’t be fooled by all those weight loss products.  If your friend is trying to sell you some new weight loss supplement, kindly say no!  I’m sure your friend is getting a great kick-back off your purchase (grrrrr!).  Quit wasting your money on quick-fixes and start doing the right thing–Eat right and move more!  By the way you can achieve all those claims by wanting to make the change.  Sometimes we are not in the right mind set to change and that is okay!  We may not necessarily want to change to a healthier lifestyle at that time in our life.  If this is you, then wait a week and come back, start a program when you 100% want to do something for yourself.  Weight loss and eating right is just like doing the laundry, sometimes you want to get is done and sometimes you would rather let it sit on your floor. 

I just heard this quote to help me get out of bed and be super productive in the morning, “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.” – Mark Twain. 

Remember #YOUCANDOTHIS!  The mind is a powerful thing and it is in your hands to control.  Make 2015 a positive and successful year!  Now I told you can do this, so tell yourself this everyday!