Special Holiday Treats for a Birthday Celebration!

Hey! So I am a just a tad behind . . .time is just passing by way too fast!  I swear once it is Thanksgiving it seems like all you have to do is blink and it is Christmas!  These past  two weeks have been a blur with my birthday, party and having the entire family knocked down by a horrible, awful stomach flu, blah!  Anyway . . . yes, I mentioned my birthday and I also celebrate another year of blogging at Daily Dietitian!  That is right five years ago my hubby decided to give me a blog for my bday.  Back then I had no idea what the heck I was suppose to do with it but thought it was super cool!  Over the years, I have really enjoyed sharing my passion for nutrition with my friends and family through this site.  I am no pro at this gig, but enjoy the hobby of of inspiring and educating anyone who peeks at my latest recipe invention, favorite product recommendation or even sharing my latest struggle in feeding my children good-for-you-foods!


So, since it was also my birthday I decided to host my own party but decided to just call it a “Holiday Party” so no one really has to know it is my birthday, okay?  I mean, who doesn’t throw themselves a party on their birthday?   I thought to myself, “Why not? You love to entertain so all the work will be fun, right?”  And yes, it sure was an awesome day!


I wanted to make this a special day because for 18 years, my dear mother threw me a birthday party every single year I was under my parent’s roof, no joke! Even my birthday parties in high school were cool (at least I thought) because again my mom made the best food!  I still remember her making not only one but TWO half-sheet pans of monkey bread! We are talking about 18-inches by 24-inches of pure, yummy-liciousness in a happy marriage between Butter Sugar and Cinnamon Bread, OMG, right!? My friends loved me for it and they especially loved my mother for it plus all the other goodies she made!  Then after we pigged out on the giant buffet I decided it would be fun to give every single girl that I invited over a prom-makeover!  And night probably ended with some girl talk and watching one of my favorite holiday comedy movies. . .  Christmas Vacation!

Throwback of my birthdays from one-year-old to I think twenty-two! 


Back to my point . . . I threw myself a party because this stay-at-home mom wants to have some fun!  I think all mothers fantasize about how their birthday is going to be just glorious and you wake up with breakfast in bed and every single call for mom is dismissed because it is your birthday.  You open up a card on your breakfast plate that includes a coupon good for no house work, no carting kids from here or there, no cooking and the day is all about you! You go on your way, free as a bird, and start the day off with a Big-Gulp-sized latte, massage, salon and shopping! We all know this is not true but we can always dream, right? A mother’s birthdays usually follows like any other day and you have remind your kids it is your birthday.  And make sure your hubby has it on his calendar so he won’t make the mistake of walking out the door for work and forgetting, so you kindly remind him week before and say,  “Hey, remember the time you forgot my birthday, harharhahaha!?”

So this year’s birthday was nothing but wonderful!  Seriously, it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I invited eight friends (those who were not working during the day, sorry to those who were)  and their kids over and I made some fun holiday-entertaining treats! Here are my friends that joined the party!  Had some camera issues, I will get better pics next party, promise!



Love it when kids play so well that it seems like you are on a Girls-Night-Out!  Here are some of the kiddos enjoying some goodies!

Now onto the goodies!

Here are the ingredients that I used for the Layered Taco Dip.  After having my mom’s taco dip for Thanksgiving, I was craving some taco dip!  And you know what  . . .making it this is really good for you!  So good, I have it for lunch!  Get in some veggies, beans (fiber), calcium and protein from the Greek yogurt.

DD Bday Party 2014

These are my chocolate trail mix bites and super-duper simple to make!  Just melted milk and semi-sweet chocolate topped with nuts, dried fruit and whatever else you may like!


Fruit salsa . . .next time I promise to use the cinnamon and sugar chips.  This time I thought cinnamon  Magic Pops would work but they did no justice.  I also did not use any added sugar because at my house we are on a this no-added-sugar kick but here is also a very healthy option for some out-of-this-world salsa, try this recipe from an old post Fantastic Fruit Salsa.


Who knew, mango mimosas would be so divine?  Oh my, these were delicious! Can’t wait to show you how easy they are to make!


And here is my yummy White Chicken Chili!  This was so easy, yet, so fantastic!


And for the kiddos and I guess the adults, too  I made Simple Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes.


I will follow-up and post the recipes for my goodies!  White Chicken Chili will be first! 

What a great birthday! My family and I ended the night out and I was one happy girl with my three kids, husband and oh yeah, let’s not forget about some awesome beer and pizza!