Tell Me What To Eat–How to get skinny before the Holidays!


Hey friends!  Back at it again and wanted to address something I get asked all time, “Will you just tell me what to eat?”  I usually follow this with a similar reply, such as this, “Sure, you can eat whatever your heart desires but cut your portions in half.”  Easier said than done, right?  And you probably want to hurt me for that comment, so here are the specifics.  I would like to start a mini-series here and just show you super-duper-simple ideas for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner ideas.  These are realistic meal and snack ideas that I use every day in my busy, hectic life (like everyone else) and so can you!  Now, I will take your hand and show you just how simple eating healthy and how super simple it really can be for you!  This is just what you needed right before the holidays, right?  And remember take the ideas/suggestions you like and maybe you will find more examples I give in the upcoming weeks. 


Check out this post about the products I like to use Getting Real About Breakfast.  Super simple as I microwave two eggs on HIGH for two minutes.  Add a sprinkle of  shredded cheese and pop back in the microwave for 12 seconds.  Toast a hearty slice of bread and add a spat of real butter, ahh, now this a breakfast of champions, eh?


If you don’t want to try the sprouted bread, I also like Sara Lee 100% whole wheat with only 1 gram of sugar per serving.  Check out your bread you are buying, how much sugar per serving?  Yikes!

Oh yeah, and I always have a plain latte – just one cup of milk and espresso!  Or if you want skip the coffee/espresso and just have a glass of milk!

I am finally able to nix my sugar in my coffee and boy do I feel like I conquered the world.  My trick to kicking the sugar in coffee is buying really good coffee, like Starbucks, Caribou and Panera Bread ground coffees – my favs!  I also bought an aero press which is the the second trick into making absolutely wonderful coffee/lattes.  Honestly, the aeropress is my best kitchen investment ever! I will have to show you how I make lattes.


A.M. SNACK –Anytime in the morning.


Psss . . . for starters go ahead and have a whole apple . . .maybe if weight loss is stagnant then go for just a half apple.



This is my super-quick lunch that I just adore! Find more info at How To Make The Perfect To-Go Lunch.


Just one chicken sausage link for lunch and don’t forget to ADD eight crackers or chips to this lunchI really like Hint of Salt Triscuits.

Remember this easy template?  Try this for variety if you do no like the suggested items I have shown above.


P.M. SNACK!  I always crave something a little sweet in the afternoon, like chocolate,eh?  So here is a great way to satisfy your afternoon sweet-tooth.  You may pair this item up with a glass of milk or if you need a little pick-me-up like myself in the afternoon, I sometimes make another latte with just milk and espresso.   Remember it is all about training your taste buds to like flavors without added sugar. Plus, it is even easier to nix the sugar habit when you pair it up with something a little sweet. 


Remember when looking for a snack protein bar shoot for less than 220 calories, less than 8 grams of  added sugar and at least 4 grams of protein.   My other favorite bars are Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar and Snickerdoodle or Carrot Cake Lara bar – OMG!  These are all amazing!



Try this super simple, yet comforting and heart-warming Skinny Chili.  I think chili is one of the best meals this time of year and it even tastes good days after.  Love chili leftovers! 


Try my recipe by cutting down the fat and calories with chopped mushrooms! Remember this trick?  You really don’t even taste the mushrooms and this is an awesome way to get extra veggies into any dish! 2013-10-09

If you don’t want to do this, not a problem – sometimes I just cut the amount of ground meat down to half or even a third!    One serving is 1 1/2 cups!  I always add a handful of oyster crackers because it would not be chili without them, right?  And don’t forget to open up your fresh-cut vegetable tray and dig in!  And one tablespoon of Ranch dressing is fine to dip!  Check out where I got found my container Getting Organized – My favorite food storage containers.

Veggie tray

And for bedtime, please hold off on the eating and try get your mind off of food.  Relax a bit, read a book, watch your favorite T.V. shows or one of my favorites, surf some pinterest! Try to stick to eating your last meal at least three hours before you go to bed.   I like sip on some herbal tea while I enjoy some night time quiet time, oh wait . . . not sure if that actually happens at my house, ha!


Oh, and how could I forget the recommendation to water, water and more water throughout this meal plan. Make your own water station at your work or at home.  This just means to have a set spot where you keep your water bottle so you know where to go!

Here is a great overview!  *TIP – save pic to phone so you will remember what to buy when you are grocery shopping! 


So, I hope you enjoyed the first post of “Tell Me What To Eat” series and come back for more! This is all about finding simple solutions that don’t break the budget and focusing on real food that taste awesome, yet good-for-you!  Cheers!