How To Make The Perfect TO-GO Lunch

Heeellloo!  You got it, if I haven’t been posting I have been crazily organizing and cleaning. There is still more to do but I have went through the girls’ closets, pantry, coat closet and onto the dreaded storage room, ahh!  I have realized (like most people) that when I am super, super busy I eat whatever is in sight,aka, meaning whatever is left of my kids’ meal and snack plates.  That’s right, my diet is now consisting of chicken nuggets (all-natural brand), pretzels, apple slices, bits of broccoli and dip, popcorn and the best yet, left-over ice cream cones, times three, ha!  Yep, just call me the human garbage disposal. Uuuugggghhh, how do I get out of this cycle and still try to get a 101 things done?  Well, I thought about making up my own ready-to-go lunches on the weekend and hopefully it will be a no-brainer for me to reach into the frig, open container and eat.  Hmm . . . . 


Here is my option #1, I hope to make up a gizillion more ready-to-go lunches, so I won’t get bored and keep up this great idea!  I know, it is not a new idea but I am motivated to make this happen, hopefully every week!  I have made up four lunches (all the same) and this week has been going great, except that some of the lunches got pushed back in the back of the frig and now some of the vegetables froze a bit, grrr! Lesson learned! Anyway, here is my format for each lunch.


Note the largest section will have me eating more vegetables! Let’s see if I can do it?  For this lunch option I did not actually include the protein source in the container because I thought it might ruin my vegetables.  Above my container, I have two options for protein sources.  These sausages are very tasty and lean on the high side of sodium, therefore the rest of the meal is almost very little or no sodium at all.


I love, love, love guacamole but do not buy it that often because it is a bit pricey and sometimes it goes bad before I am able to finish the container.  I did find a huge container of homemade guacamole at Hy-Vee for a pretty reasonable price. Oh my, is this stuff goood! Next time I think I am going to look for a container half the size.  The price is not bad considering the name-brand versions contain about half the amount of guacamole for about $4! I was able to finish all the guacamole this time around.


Now like I said my goal is come up with more creative lunch ideas and maybe have a different ready-to-go lunch each day! But for now I thought I would test this idea out and see how it goes for the week. 


Estimated nutrition facts: 281 calories; 18 g carbohydrate; 10 grams fat; 16 g protein, 740 mg sodium; 7 g sugar

Now my biggest questions I ask myself, “Did these lunches fill me up? Yes, and no . . .the first day I think I was too busy to find anything else to eat but on the second day I was ravenous to find something else and I did, a kind bar and a glass of milk.  I think they make a wonderful nutritious base for my meal and I may have to include a couple things to complete them but for now I love it!  Definitely room to improve!