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How To Make The Perfect TO-GO Lunch

How To Make The Perfect TO-GO Lunch

Heeellloo!  You got it, if I haven’t been posting I have been crazily organizing and cleaning. There is still more to do but I have went through the girls’ closets, pantry, coat closet and onto the dreaded storage room, ahh!  I have realized (like most […]

Easy Beef Stir-Fry

Easy Beef Stir-Fry

Happy Friday!  This week is flying by and the kids and I are having a great summer.  I was a little worried about having all the kids home for the entire day but our trips to the pool, zoo, library, science center and more sure […]

Getting Organized! My favorite food storage containers!

Getting Organized! My favorite food storage containers!

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Okay, I may be pushing it a little by writing an entire post on food storage containers but let me share a little secret with you . . . “these are my little tricks into getting my family eating better, shhh!”  Sounds crazy, I know but I have some very good reasons to my madness.

1) When I can present good-for-you-foods in pretty, organized and cute containers, a boxed lunch is waay more fun, right?

2) By having a designated and organized vegetable tray I keep up on providing fresh veggies on hand at anytime: lunch, snack, dinner,  . . .whenever!

3) My special vegetable tray looks very pretty so those little fingers just want to dig in! 

4) My special vegetable tray keeps my vegetables organized and therefore my frig is neat and I won’t forget about that bunch of broccoli stuffed in the way back of the frig because I cut it up and put in my container!  How many times have you had to thrown out fresh produce because it got pushed in the back of your messy frig and you forgot about it? 

5) I save the earth from throwing away a million plastic baggies! I used to always (and still do occasionally but try to reuse) put ever single item for lunch in a plastic bag.  Either I would throw them away after use or my child would at school, but now with my cute containers I do not use as many baggies!

Here is an example of my daughter’s lunch. I also pack many lunches for my other kiddos in this container, too!  Easy to clean, very sturdy and easy to for the little ones to handle, even in the car, which saves me from a going through a drive-thru! Making sure you have food on hand for a toddler is always essential!


Okay, maybe now you understand my excitement!  I have been searching online trying to find reasonable food storage containers for lunches and especially find a handy vegetable container and I happen to just come across on these containers when I was shopping at TJ Maxx. Here is my vegetable storage container and I think I paid $7.99.  It has 4 plastic compartments that can be taken out separately.


I like the separate containers because a few times I have noticed some veggies looking a little rough at the bottom and I am able to throw them away and wash that compartment separately, while keeping the other veggies fresh!


My only con about this container is the lid takes in a little moisture and when you open up the container  I have to wipe the water off.  But I am totally fine with this little problem because it keeps my veggies so darn organized and I haven’t found anything better . . . .sometimes I have too many vegetables on hand and would like a bigger container but come to think about it, it is actually the perfect size for our family because by the time those few last veggies are at the bottom, it time to get fresh veggies again. 

Here are a couple other containers that I found.  Yes, once I found these containers I probably went a little crazy but let me tell ya, I use every single one of them daily!  The smaller containers are about $2.99-$3.99, gotta love that price!  Even though it is now summer and I am no longer providing lunch for my school-aged daughter, I actually make even more to-go lunches in the summer as we are off to swimming lessons, library, pool, zoo, science center etc.


Look!  Even a cereal or yogurt and fruit container! It is nice to change lunch up for my daughter and send cereal or vanilla yogurt and frozen berries.   We have had no problems with mess either! 


Here is another one: whole wheat crackers, provolone, cured turkey sausage, cauliflower, carrots and dip!


I just love this picture, so pretty, it makes me very happy!

Veggie tray

Enjoy my friends! I may have to post again before school, huh?

Half Marathon–Done! Check! Thoughts, Pre-Race Fuel. . . . Is carb-loading overrated?

Half Marathon–Done! Check! Thoughts, Pre-Race Fuel. . . . Is carb-loading overrated?

Hey, Hey! Still a bit sore almost three days later and totally miss my ranch house!  These stairs are killing me this weekend, especially carrying kids up and down, arg!  Dang, I swear practically every single race at about mile 9, I say to myself, […]