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Raising Healthy Eaters–Plus my trip to school!

Pin ItHi Friends!  Well, last week I was lucky enough to go into my daughter’s kindergarten class and talk a… Continue reading »

My Favorite Summer Recipes! Simple, yet delicious, no-cook creations!

Pin It Hey! Yep, summer is officially here! Where did the time go?  I mean, I am excited but almost… Continue reading »

(Teacher) Gift Ideas–Fill a basket with your favorite products!

Pin ItAh, time is flying by and summer is just around the corner, wow!  As my kids end their school… Continue reading »

Why Diets Don’t Work – Or Do They?

Pin It Hey friends!  I am sure many of you have said the phrase, “ starting tomorrow I am going… Continue reading »

Fed Up Opens Today!

Pin ItWow, I can’t wait!  Not sure if I will break my girls-night-out-date for next Sunday and sneak out today… Continue reading »

Sweet Bean & Pepper Dip! Super simple and amazingly good!

Pin It Happy May!  Wow, the time is just flying by, huh? Well, I have a question for you …. Continue reading »