Ways To Motivate By Using Your Phone! Apps & Podcasts

Ways To Motivate By Using Your Phone! Apps & Podcasts

Hey! Like everyone else in the world, when my phone doesn’t work for awhile I am lost!  What do I do?  How I keep up with social media?  How do I let me my friends and family know the latest funny things my kids have done? How do I know what is going on in the world?  How do I know what the weather is going to be like?  How do I follow up on email? How do I take a picture of my kids?  How do I know the latest Groupon?  How do I find my coupons? And do I get in shape? 

So many questions all solved by my simple little phone, ahhh, I love you phone!  Well, I found some great motivational programs to use and I even love my phone 10x more! 


So my first program that I love on my phone is using the

My Fitness Pal app! Super easy to use and I love that you can scan the barcode of any product and the program will find the product and automatically download the nutrition facts.

The other part of the program that I just started using is finding friends on my My Fitness Pal.  You can see their progress daily and I will have to say, it is kind of motivating!  If you want you  may also share your daily meal plan and exercise regimen with your friends!  But don’t worry, you can keep this all private, too!

This program is wonderful for figuring out the exact nutrition profile of your own homemade recipes!  Even it is as simple as a smoothie recipes that you use daily.  Instead of typing in 10 ingredients just set up your own nutrition profile in “My Recipes.”   I just love this part about the program!



My second fun favorite fitness app is the 7 Minute Workout! I always tell myself, “Really? Come on just do it, it is only SEVEN minutes!”  And yet I still don’t do it as often as a I should, ha!


The first time I was introduced to this app I came downstairs as my husband and kids were sitting on the wall (in some pain, might I add) and then rushing to go do some sit-ups as I heard this voice on his phone telling them what to do, it was hilarious and cute to see them doing it together! This program gives a new exercise every 30 seconds and counts down the last five seconds to each set, which I love this because then you really don’t have to look at your phone for an entire 7 minutes.  I usually just try to focus on the TV as I listen to my phone instruct new exercises.  Now, they do recommend doing the 7 minute routine three times but I say 7 minutes is good too!

I will have to admit that before I had this phone I really had no idea what a podcast was and now I can’t get enough of them!  My podcasts are my go-to-girlfriends that I go to weekly, I wish they were daily! Anyway, I will play them while doing dishes or even in the van, ahhh, just a little wholesome “me” time! My fitness favorites are Spark People Radio and The Jillian Michaels Show.


The Spark People’s podcast host has changed to Bettina Bush who might I add was the voice of Rainbow Bright, (huge Rainbow Bright fan) I loved her the second I heard that, plus she is the voice about a bajillion other characters too.  This podcast will talk to many of Spark Peoples professionals including the founder, Chris Downie, and others including their personal trainer and dietitian! They always give such great and practical advice for just about anyone.

My other favorite podcast, well, I will be honest this is my number one health and wellness podcast, the Jillian Michaels Show!  I just love listening to this podcast and might I add this podcast is the reason why I bought tickets to the Maximize Your Life Tour!  This podcast will visit many health and wellness topics along with a number of personal improvement topics.  I just love hearing about Jillian’s real life experiences with her kids and how she balances her work and home life.  My absolute favorite story from Jillian is how she dealt with her 3-year-old who was testing her boundaries with her parents, hilarious! Ahh, so good to hear a famous person struggle (and want to rip their hair out!) with parenting at times, like me, heheehee!

I do have a couple more podcasts that I enjoy including, Meal Makeover Moms. However, their podcasts are available through itunes and since I do not have an iphone I have to listen via website which does not work as well on my phone, therefore, I do not listen to this podcast as often.  Meal Makeover Moms is led by two registered dietitians giving tips and nutritional advice on the latest health topics.  I am a fan of their site and recipes, too!

Well, there you have it folks, my favorite motivational programs and apps that I just love on my phone!  If you have a favorite let me know and I would love to try it out!