Awesome Kid’s Treat–Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Sticks!

Awesome Kid’s Treat–Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana Sticks!

Hi there!  If you are like me you raid the frig, freezer and pantry looking for something healthy to feed you kids before they climb the shelves and reach for the hidden cookies or candies you have in the back of the pantry shelves, eh?  Well, here is an inexpensive, easy and fun little treat that your kids will love, big or small! Plus, this is perfect for saving any banana that is about to go bad.  And why not get your kids involved in making this fun treat by using a table knife? Get their little chefs hats on to make this little creation!


After my last post How to Make the Tastiest Smoothie,  I am still boasting about frozen bananas! Sometimes I feel kind of sorry for the good ole’ banana.  Oh banana, you are still loved by many but sometimes bananas can get a bad rap for having too many carbohydrates.  Well, I say . . . at least they are coming from a natural source instead of a processed item.  Plus bananas are full of good-for-you nutrients including vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C and fiber.  All of these nutrients which are essential for heart health as well as cancer prevention. Plus, bananas contain resistant starch, which is a a type of fiber that many studies have shown to help with weight loss, boosting metabolism and keeping the appetite at bay!  Hooray for that, huh!  TIP:  Bananas that are a light green contain more resistant starch than a ripe bananas.  So, maybe you want to freeze bananas very soon after purchase if you are looking for that super-hero, weight-loss champion, aka, resistant starch! Check out this link, Wikipedia Resistant Starch, bananas are the highest source of resistant starch!

Here is how I make my banana sticks. First, slice a bananas in half, length-wise.


Then slice into strips and cut into preferred lengths.


Store in a container and freeze!  Simple as that!  They are a nice little treat and my biggest fan for these little sticks is my little 20-month-old.  They are perfect for her little hand to hold as she devours all the sticks at once so I have to be ready and make more! 


Now my older kiddos and I love the variety of dipping the sticks in chocolate!  Yum!


Have a wonderful weekend!