Motivational Monday! Get ready . . .get set . . . run!

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Hey! Happy Monday!  I hope you don’t have a case of those darn ole’ Mondays (Office Space quote) and if you do, well, hopefully I can help change that . . .maybe! First of all isn’t that picture just gorgeous!  It makes want to get outside and run in that weather buuuut . . . .it is freezing here, something like –10, ugh!  That picture is from a race I ran last spring (DD Banana Muffin & Pre-Race Fuel) and I just adore the scenery!  Speaking of running . . .so . . . how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? I know!  Maybe not the best subject to bring up right but it is about this time of the year that many people have forgotten about those goals weeks ago.  If that is true, don’t beat yourself up just yet, we have plenty of 2014 left to make this a great year!  I would like to talk about about what are your fitness goals for the year?  For some of you that entails using that gym membership you purchased in January and for others that may involve running your very first road race, like a 5K! 

Anyway, I would like to suggest that March is the perfect month to start preparing for that very first road race or even, getting back on track in training for a particular spring/summer race. There are many free training programs out there that will recommend a distance to run each day.  March is always my month to really get back on track and start training for an upcoming race.  There are many beginner training programs out there and here are a couple I have found:  Spark People 5K Training (I love Spark People, especially their podcasts!), Runner’s World, Hal Higdon 5K training, Jeff Galloway 5K training.  I have followed many program from Higdon and Galloway’s websites and I recently just finished reading Jeff Galloway’s Running A Year Round Plan.

Okay, so what if training for a race is not one of your goals?  No problem!  Why not write down your exercise for the month and put it somewhere where you will see it everyday?  Yes, make a simple exercise plan!  This is my go-to-tool/plan for getting back in training mode.  If I have a plan then I will actually do it!  I just love crossing the workout off once I finish it, ahh!  Here is an example below.


Also here is March’s calendar so you can download it yourself and hang it in a place where you will see it everyday!  Write down your goals, be accountable and get moving! 

Download March 2014 Goal Calendar


Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday!

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