3 Simple Steps in Making Goals Stick! Game On 2014!

3 Simple Steps in Making Goals Stick! Game On 2014!

Here we come 2014! We are going to get lean . . .and green . . .and mean in 2014!  Oh yeah, Ferris Bueller-style! Let me hear you say it!  Let’s get fired up!  “We are fired up!”  Oh my gosh, I’ve gone crazy! Flash backs of high school soft ball ring in my head with that cheer, sheesh!  Maybe I have gone too far but I hope you are ready to make this year the best year yet!  I feel like I say this every year but seriously . . . YOU can totally make this year the year that you become healthier! And I will totally be your cheerleader! A-W-E-S-O-M-E, awesome, awesome, totally!  (Psst . . sorry, I never was a cheerleader but I will do my best and so will you!)

Here are some super tips to help make your goals stick!

1) Write down a goal each week.      

At the beginning of the week, write down one nutrition goal and one fitness goal.  Sound simple?  Sure!  But remember to make them realistic and simple!  I cannot stress this enough and after you have written your goals, ask  yourself, “Okay . . . will I really do this?” 


Here are some examples of super simple goals:  I will drink 64-oz of water each day; I will eat at least two servings of vegetables at dinner; I will make my lunch everyday; I will eat breakfast with protein 6 days a week; I will walk/run 20 minutes 3 times a week; I will do one fitness tape each week; I will walk 15 minutes every morning, etc.    It is always nice to have at least two free days for exercise and even a “free” day for your diet for starters.

2) Make a star or smiley face (or even sad face when you don’t) for the days you achieve your goal.

I love charts and I love seeing progress and if you are like me, I am sure you will love this system as well.  Make a star or smiley face on the calendar days when you achieve your goal.  You may even put a sad face on days you do not achieve your goals.  You can use a different color of pen/marker to decipher which (nutrition or exercise)goal was a success.  This may seem elementary but it is all about making small steps. Even if you don’t put smiley faces or sad faces at least write down a goal so you have that in your mind each week!

3) Revaluate your goal each week and write down another goal for the next week!

The goals may be the same or different depending upon if you feel you have achieved the goal or not, or maybe you just want to keep on getting better at the goal. This is totally up to you but if actually write down a super simple goal for the week then you have set in your mind to work on that specific habit each week.

Here is the link to the goal calendar that I made – 2014 Jan Goal Calendar

This little system is a great start in making healthy habits stick! At least this will get you to really start thinking about how you want to improve your lifestyle and start getting healthier!