Ring in the New Year with CAUTION!

Ring in the New Year with CAUTION!

Hey you!  How are you? I hope you had a wonderful holiday and have been enjoying 2014!  I love the New Year, a time for a fresh start involving resolutions, aahhh!  Sure, they may only last till March or maybe sooner but I love making changes and having that feeling of starting on a new slate of improving myself! How about you?  What do you like about the New Year?

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For me my goals are getting organized and getting back on that treadmill again (a total love hate relationship).  For many people the obvious resolution is always weight loss but just hold on people . . .yes, stop in your tracks!  Sloooow down!  The first of the year is also the time for marketers, independent product salesmen, supplement chains and whole bunch of other people to cash in on the billion dollar weight loss industry.  This is their time to sell YOU their “new” line of weight loss supplements that will simply melt the fat off your body, increase your metabolism and help you drop those last stubborn pounds off your belly by simply taking a pill (results not typical) . . .   Sound too good to be true?  Well, I am sorry to say that weight loss is usually not met with a simple pill. 

Yes, I know it is hard not be enticed by all the ads or offers you receive each day especially when your cousin’s best friend’s neighbor looks stunning from her new weight loss plan that involves some pills and special drink products that she wants to sell you.  Did she mention that it will cost you hundreds of dollars a month for you to join the program?  Oh no worries, they will conveniently take your credit and simply bill you each month!  Umm . . . oh and did she mention that she ate three healthy balanced meals and one snack each day along with exercising five days a week?  Hmm . . . okay, before you make you cousin’s best friend’s neighbor rich, I would like to ask the question, “Did the supplements really work/help or was it her new lifestyle change?”  It seems like most weight loss supplements recommend use with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Huh, ironic, eh?

I am baffled by weight loss supplements and don’t get me wrong they sure sound convincing and wonderful but why not try the good ole’ fashioned way of eating healthy with real food and exercising first?  Plus, do you even know what is even in those supplements?  Neither do I and neither does the FDA. Yes, that is correct, the government does not regulate supplements.  Check out this link for the FAQ’s and details FDA’s Q&A on Dietary Supplements.

And don’t be fooled by the term “all natural” – it really means nothing!  The term “natural” or “all natural” has no specific guidelines which is very different from the term “organic” that is regulated by the government.    

Okay, my point is . . .  why not make a lifestyle change first! Those supplements will not solve your troubles of overeating or dealing with any of the battles of stress eating or whatever the problem is that caused you to gain weight.  Think about that!

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Today I have on my super hero cape and want to help you win this battle with losing weight (if you have been struggling, if not disregard).  Let’s make 2014 the year of a healthier and better you!

First step in wanting to lose weight is for you to WANT to lose weight.  How bad do you want to change yourself? How bad do you want to get off all your medications by losing weight?  How bad do just want to feel better everyday?  How bad do you want be able to keep up with your children everyday?  How bad to you want to stay healthy for your family and for you?  Whatever the reason is . . .how bad do you want to see a better and healthier you in 2014?