Homemade Popsicles for the Kids! + Popsicle Mold Reviews

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Hey! We may not be in popsicle season but this may be some great ideas for the perfect presents this holiday season!

Popsicles are one of those foods that are probably in every kids’ “Top 5 Favorite Foods”, eh?  And for my kids, popsicles clearly rank as their #1 or #2 favorite food.  I usually let popsicles be their “sometimes food” but as I read the ingredients I was not always impressed with what was in a store-bought popsicles.  But man, did my kids whine and want more! Geez . . . so I then searched for healthier popsicles and did find some wholesome fruit juice bars but still not super impressed.  As for starters, many of them cost at least $5 for a dozen or sometimes just a half dozen!  I felt we could do better.  Plus the nutrition profile on the popsicles was 100% fruit juice but still ended up being just a bunch of fruit sugar and no fiber.  Soo . . . .  I decided to try making my own and searched and searched the internet to find the best and inexpensive molds to make our own homemade popsicles.  My wish list of for popsicle molds included these specifications: individual, easy to clean and a fairly small-sized popsicle (drives me nuts when we waste popsicles, let alone any food).

And I was very happy with what I found! The silicone molds I bought at Kitchen Meister and here is the link for the Zipzicle bags.  I personally love them both!  I wanted to try both of them because I wasn’t sure which one would be more popular with the kids.  I thought the Zipzicle bags would look more like a store-bought popsicle but the silicone would more practical. And the results:  my kids liked both of them!  The Zipzicle bags were only $2.99 and the silicone ice pop maker molds were $16.99 for a set of 10 molds plus the lids are attached. I totally recommend buying molds with attached lids because I would lose every single lid if it was not attached, kinda like my head, ha, ha, ha! 


My daughter just saw this picture and said, “That looks disgusting, but it tastes good frozen!”  Gotta love those honest kid comments because I am sure you were thinking it too!  Bwahahaha, well . . .I am struggling a bit to get my older kids to devour my “Green Monster Popsicles” like a store-bought popsicle. However, my  youngest little girl loves anything I put in these molds, probably because she hasn’t yet tasted a store-bought popsicle, wink.  You may think you can shelter your kids from some foods but by the time they are at least four or five they will be exposed to so many foods from family,  friends, daycare and school – just be ready!  My five-year-old daughter just discovered Oreos this past summer.  I always practice moderation and will let them try any food, even if it is a not-so-good-food for you! I believe that denying a food may lead to desiring a food 10x more (even if they don’t even like it!).



I know her face does not say, “I love this” but it always so cold at the start, plus I think it is such a cute picture!   I will be honest,  as the newness wore off  with the popsicles my two older kids have reverted back to wanting a store-bought popsicles.  So . . . plan B: I  added V8 fruit and vegetable juice into the molds and they liked them better.  Hmm . . . trying to compromise a bit but I will keep on experimenting with more popsicle smoothie recipes for my picky older children.

Green Monster Popsicles


1 cup water

2 cups leafy greens

2 medium-size bananas

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 packet stevia (optional)


In a high-powered blender, blend together water and leafy greens for 2 minutes.  Next add the rest of the ingredients and blend well.  Place mixture into mold and freeze for at least 4 hours.

Homemade Green Monster Popsicles

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