No-Bake Chocolate Chip & Oatmeal Cookies

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Hey! Are you getting ready for the holidays. I think it is just crazy how this year we get done with Halloween and onto to Christmas!  Christmas music, decorations, candy and just about anything else for the holiday.  Um . . . did we forget about Thanksgiving?  Even though I really don’t care for the holiday rush, I am all up for making some holiday goodies!  Yay!  This month’s Recipe Redux theme is “Adding Merriment to the Mixes!”.  I  love giving friends homemade goodies – the joy of sharing during the holiday season!

Anyway, I wanted to change up an old recipe of mine, No-Bake Cookies, sooo here we go . . .

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I started off by melting some coconut oil and peanut butter in the microwave.  Then in a bowl I combined oats, cocoa and flaxseed. You may use butter if you would like but coconut oil is a medium-chain-triglyceride (fat) the body can easily metabolize, like a plant based (monounsaturated) fat.

Mix together coconut oil, peanut butter, prunes, honey, vanilla and sweet potatoes .


Next I combined the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients and added the chocolate chips – yum!eIMG_8971

Next I used  a cookie dough baller to form mixture into bite-size cookies.


I had to force myself not to eat every single cookie I made!


Dried prunes are a wonderful, wholesome, source of natural sugar.   Plus, they add some valuable fiber!


No –Bake Cookies (Serves ~48)


10 – 12 dried prunes

¼ cup honey

3 tbsp coconut oil

1/3 cup peanut butter

1 tsp vanilla

1 container sweet potato baby food (or 1/3 cup pureed sweet potatoes)

3 cups rolled oatmeal

1/3 cup ground flaxseed

6 tbsp cocoa

1/3 cup mini chocolate chips


In a food processor chop prunes into small pieces.  Place honey, coconut oil and peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl. Place in microwave on high for 1 minute. In a bowl, combine oatmeal, flaxseed, and cocoa.  Add prunes, honey coconut oil, peanut butter and pureed sweet potatoes to the dry ingredients and stir to combine.  Once ingredients are combined add chocolate chips. Drop by spoonfuls on a sheet of wax paper. No baking required!



Now it is time to share with your friends!  I did share these cookies with some neighbors and friends and received very positive feedback including: “The cookies ROCK!”  “My family is fighting over them, gotta have the recipe!”  And so on . . . they are just that good.  Or  I just have really nice friends . . . maybe both, eh?

Here are the little foil pans that I found at the dollar store.  Three pans come in one package for only a $1!


Next, I traced the lid on some wrapping paper.  Looks like the only wrapping paper in my house is Dora the Explorer.  My little girl really loved it and kept saying, “Dora!”  I probably should have picked up the “I love Justin Bieber” wrapping paper that was screaming at me in the store today, haha!


Next I  glued (modge podged) the paper to the lid.


If you don’t have some awesome wrapping paper like me you can create anything with some good ole’ construction paper!


Enjoy!  And by the way . . . I like to store these cookies in the frig or freezer, they seem to hold up better and last much longer.  Plus they are not on the counter saying, “Eat me!  Eat me!”  Out of sight, out of mind, right?!


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