This Week’s Top Nutrition and Wellness Posts

This Week’s Top Nutrition and Wellness Posts

Hey!  I am super excited to share some awesome post with you today.  As I surf the internet here are some of my favorite finds.


1) What A Week Of Groceries Looks Like Around The World

This is so stikin’ cool!  Amazing to see the difference between what country eats from week to week.   Wow!  Totally makes you think as to what you put in your grocery cart, eh?  Look at all the processed food and little produce that American’s eat.  Look at all the fresh produce some of the other countries eat!

2) U.S. obesity rate levels off, but still an epidemic

Let’s keep on trucking!  It seems like a good a sign but as a country we still need to keep working at this huge epidemic, obesity.

3) Runner’s World: Motivational Posters For Runners

Aweeesomme!  Just what I needed, a little kick in the butt to get me running on a more consistent schedule.

4) Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Ahh . . . Intuitive Eating.  I remember having to read this book as an assignment back in college.  Again, a great concept to drive home.  A super simple concept but yet, so hard to do at times.  I love watching my kids eat, they totally listen to their bodies’ hunger cues and I think to myself how in the heck do most people lose this quality?  Always a great reminder!

5) Women’s Health: 9 Butt Exercises for a Super-Toned Tush

I totally need to do these.  I remember when I was in the best shape of my life, back in my early twenties, you know before I had kids and I remember thinking to myself why does my butt stick out so much even with all this running that I do?  Hmm . . . little did I know that a toned tush was actually a good thing, ha!  Now I see my backside fall with gravity and starting to see some resemblances of a “mom butt.”  Oh no, let’s work that tushy!

6) Food Network’s Healthy Eats: 5 Kitchen Chicken Safety Tips

Here are some great reminders!  Don’t wash your chicken as you contaminate your sink and more! Yikes! Check out this image Why Washing Raw Chicken Is Gross.


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