Taking Part in Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative!

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Well, I got in two walks on Wednesday in honor of Iowa’s Healthiest Initiative and what a great day to get outside and walk!  The kids and I left extra early in order to get to school on time. We had a little detour due to some road work so I  wasn’t 100%-for-sure this would be a good idea with three kids trucking a 2 mile route (one way) to school.  Thanks to my daughter for really wanting to walk to school today and not sleeping in,  I probably would have been fine with driving to school but once it was all over  I was happy we did it!   The long walk was fun and we ended up running into our neighbors and some other classmate friends.  Maybe we will do this again next Wednesday, eh? 

Here is the crew that conquered the big trek to school on “Walk to School Day!” HSI walk

After our hour long walk it was off to the library and then to Hy-Vee to join their walk!

healthiest state intitive2

 healthiest state intitive

We had a fabulous lunch with Smart chicken fajitas, a honey crisp apple and a bottle of water for $5!  What a deal and super filling, it was really good!  I will definitely have to make this myself!  The popcorn shown was included in the goodie bag. 

I wasn’t able to get many pictures as I was the crazy-looking mom with two kids and handful of things while my little girl got her hands on my keys and turned on the car alarm, sorry! Geezz . .  anywhoo, I was happy to see such a great crowd.  Before the walk Hy-Vee dietitians and Jim Hallihan, Executive Director of the Iowa Sports Foundation, talked about Iowa’s goal in becoming the healthiest state.  Hallihan informed us that his committee started talking about obesity as an upcoming issue back in 2000!  I can’t believe that was 13 years ago!  And now, today, we are trying to make ways to become the healthiest state!  Man, I was probably the only nerd one that was inspired and thought to myself, how can I help?  Hmmm . . . but anyway it was a great event to be apart of and see people out and moving!  Oh and I was also super excited to see former Iowa State Coach Johnny Orr!  At 86 years-old the man is still active, exercising daily and Hallihan mentioned that Mr. Orr still beats him in a game of golf. 

Take away point for today . . .

So whether you participated in the walk or not, my main focus is SMALL STEPS TO A BETTER HEALTH! Don’t worry if everyday is not perfect, life happens. Just keep moving forward and stop beating yourself up! It sends you right back in the same old place.  Living a healthy balanced life is not about perfection, it is a life long journey. I will have to admit I am kind of at a yellow light on my path to health but that is ok, sometimes we need a little break.  For me, I need some rest to recharge and get back  my spark, my firecracker passion toward living my best healthy life!

 fire crackers

After a little break I like to make two simple goals for myself 1) Fitness and 2) Nutrition.  Keep is simple and realistic!  Maybe it is walking 3 times a week (doesn’t matter how long, just get out and do it!). Keep a calendar on the frig and mark it down every time you walk.  It will stare (and maybe even speak) at you every time you open the frig! Hehehe!  As for a nutrition goal, again think simple, maybe it is having a veggie with your mid-afternoon snack.  It could be fresh veggies and dip or pack away some greens in a smoothie!  And remember to ask yourself, “Will I really do it?”  If you say no, think of another goal! 

I sometimes think eating healthy and exercising can be like doing laundry. Some days you want to do it and get it done and other days you dread it!  Maybe doing the laundry is not a good analogy because I really hate doing the laundry, it never ends! But I think you get the idea, right?


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