My First Green Smoothie (Green Smoothie Girl Class + My Big Win!)

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Okay, I know for some reason this look more like my first brown smoothie in this picture but just hear me out on this one . . .I have tried and tried and yes, tried again to make green smoothie in my crappy dinky blender and I usually have to choke it down.  I think to myself hmmm . . .this trend is not as cool as everyone makes it out to be?


Now this is how it really looks!  And let me tell ya, it was deeeeelicous!  Seriously!  I was inspired to try a green smoothie again from the Green Smoothie Girl (GSG), herself!  Thanks to my friend Tessa for inviting me to one of Green Smoothie Girl’s classes last week!  I was so excited to go and get to hang out with an old friend with no kiddos!  Whoa, that never happens!  I didn’t know what to expect coming to the class but I am always up for any class that promotes living healthy.  Plus it kind of made me miss (just a tiny bit) doing healthy cooking classes.  Anyway, I really enjoyed the class and hearing about GSG story about changing her diet to whole foods and getting rid of 21 chronic illness and losing weight.  The girl has a passion and that is to help people eat better and feel better!  Wow!  Me too! 

The class was FREE and she gave away a ton of prizes including recipe books, The Green Smoothie Diet, protein powders and so many other of here products including a Blendtec blender!  I would have been happy winning any of these products but I was ecstatic to win the Blendtec! Holy freakin’ cow . . . I never win the “big” prize.  I probably sounded like a nerd when I picked up my prize but I was so shocked! I am still shocked I won it!


This is me and the Green Smoothie Girl (oh, yeah and the Blendtec!)   When I got home I showed my family the Blendtec and I said “Isn’t she pretty!”  My daughter said “You called it a she?”  Yes, honey she is part of our family now!  My daughter wants it to be called a he and she even named him Joey. I think she just got done watching Full House (that’s my girl!), haha!

Well, I will have to say making green smoothies is much easier to drink with a high-powered blender.  For me it is super, super easy and a great way to get in lots of veggies during the day.  I figured in one green smoothie I would be getting in 8 to 10 servings of  fruits and vegetables, wow!  Now if you are not as lucky as me at winning a free Blendtec, I have learned if I add a little less greens to the smoothie makes it tastes better. No biggie just have an extra large salad for the day.


My daughter and I are having fun making up smoothie recipes and taste testing them.  She tried her first green smoothie and really like it!  “Seriously mom, I like it!”  She is a bit skeptical of things I make already . . .yikes! We have had some yummy smoothies and some not-so-yummy smoothies – still learning how to disguise beets!

At the class, GSG made a great smoothie and I made one similar using about 3-4 cups leafy greens, 3 cups water, 1 banana, 1/2 apple, 1-2 cup mixed berries. The great thing about smoothies is you can just add about anything!  Enjoy!

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