Chocolate Nut Clusters

One of my absolute favorite snack is a combination of almonds, raisins and some M&M’s.  It is so addicting and I even have my kids hooked on the mixture.  Plus it always make me feel better when I add some good-for-you foods to the sometimes-food, M&M’s, right?   

So here is a super simple Chocolate Nut Cluster!


They remind me of my  No Bake Cookie recipe but even easier!  Yes, really! In a small bowl combine granola, crushed pecans, sliced almonds and raisins.


Add some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and mix together. I melted the chocolate chips with the mixture the first time but I would suggest melting the chocolate chips separate like I noted in the recipe.  Oops, the raisins plumbed up and I was thinking, “Oh my, what is this!” But don’t worry, they actually turned out pretty good the second time, when I melted the chocolate separate.    Scoop with a cookie dough baller and freeze.  Keep in freezer until ready to eat!  So simple you don’t even need a recipe!


Okay, so I will give you a recipe . . . Smile 

Chocolate Nut Clusters


2 tbsp granola

2 tbsp chopped pecans

2 tbsp sliced almonds

2 tbsp raisins

2 tbsp sunflower seeds

1/4 cup semi-sweet mini chocolate chips


In a  small bowl combine, granola, pecans, almonds and raisins.  In a glass bowl melt chocolate chips in the microwave on HIGH for 1 minute.  Pour melted chocolate chips over mixture and blend well.  Scoop mixture into bite-size balls and freeze.