Kid Summer Snack Swaps & Learning about nutrition with Dan Wardell

Whew, well . . . if I haven’t been posting then I have been super busy and my house is spotless! Ha! Ok, not spotless but clean I will say.  I either blog or clean my house in my spare time. Sorry you got the shaft the last week but it was a special week/weekend in the Mitchell house.   We celebrated baby Lucy’s FIRST birthday! I can’t believe I have one-year-old! Now this week we are getting back onto schedule. 


On Monday, we visited the library and Dan Wardell, from IPTV was on his 2013 Reading Road Trip. The man is full of energy and really got the kids excited about two of my favorite topics: reading and nutrition! Wow, talk about promoting healthy food, he must have known I was coming, haha!

So through the craziness of these past couple of weeks I do have a couple of interesting kid snack swaps! My first swap is using a high fiber cereal for the a good ole’ cereal bar recipe.  In this case I used Kashi Go Lean instead of Rice Krispies.  (2 1/2 cups Kashi Go Lean; 2 cups marshmallow; 1 tbsp butter)  I really like these bars, I mean really like them but I am nut for any chewy cereal/granola bar.  My kids liked them too but my hubby said they were not sweet enough, hmm . . . .

SWAP #1 – High fiber cereal in your favorite bar recipe


SWAP #2 – Make your own “popsicles” or frozen fruit treats

We had a birthday brunch this past Sunday and I made frozen fruit cups!  This is a great recipe because it cleans out your frig and freezer.  Use whatever fruits and fruit juices you have in the house.

Here is my wild-haired-girl helping mom!


I bought 5-ounce plastic cups and filled them with fruit.  I used banana slices and frozen raspberries.  BTW, I bought some very ripe bananas at the store for only 19 cents per pound – great money saver and an awesome way to use up ripe bananas!


Now make a smoothie!  I used bananas, orange juice, frozen strawberries and leftover green juice!  I even used up some Pineapple Raspberry Sorbet.  Yes, the green may not look pretty but it can be easily hidden!  Look at the smoothie mixture after, yum!


Now pour the smoothie mixture over the fruit chunks.


Wrap with plastic wrap and freeze for at least three to four hours.


Posing and helping mom make food are some of her best qualities!IMG_7892

Now onto popsicles . . . .


Here are our orange and green super food popsicles!  I love the colors! 


I used these two juices and put them in an ice cube tray. Freeze the bottom layer for an hour then add the top layer.  Cover tray with foil and stick in a tooth pick into each cube.


My kids loved them! And the two colors really helped make the popsicle much more exciting!  Look at those excited faces!


On one of our wonderful library trips, my daughter spotted this interesting book, The Gulps, written by Rosemary Wells  (author of Max & Ruby) and illustrated by Marc Brown (author/illustrates Arthur).  We are huge fans of Max & Ruby and Arthur! Huge fans!   In this book, the Gulps family enjoys convenience food and sitting back and watching TV.  As they travel in their Dreamliner (RV filled with TVs and microwaves) they get stranded  near the Spratt family farm. 


Luckily the Spratt family takes them in and shows them all about hard work it takes to  harvest food on the farm.  They even learn to love green food! 


As told in the story, “Bit by bit they got out and got fit.”  “Bite by bite they began to eat right.”  They eventually slimmed down and learned to eat healthy food.


I thought it was a cute story!