Kid-Friendly Foods–Pizza & More!

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Piiiizzzzzaaa!  Pizza makes everyone happy, right?  My kids, like any other kids,  always scream hooray once they know the menu for the meal is pizza.  To be honest, I scream hooray too!  I love pizza especially on a hearty whole wheat crust!


Yep, these are the crusts for our pizzas and they made a spectacular pizza!  I remember last year I found these pitas but the serving size was two – meaning I had to cut the pita in half, say whhaaat?  I can’t stand it when they do that!  Grrrrr . . . I have seen this tricky little serving size divided on  sodas, frozen potpies, chips etc. Well, now I have found mini pitas and the serving size is ONE! 


Top with some sauce, cheese and topping and bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes!  Lunch is ready!  Here are the nutrition facts for the pitas:  100 calories; 0.5 g fat; 170 mg sodium; 22 g carbohydrate; 4g fiber; 0g sugar; 4g protein.  Ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, yeast, barley malt, salt, cultured wheat flour with added vinegar(for added freshness). Wow, pretty good, huh?!  Only 100 calories and 4 grams of fiber and protein!


Here is my daughter also gulping down another new fav product – Chobani Champion yogurts.  Last week the store had a large box of these yogurts on sale for only $1.  Yes, they were going out of date so I stocked up and put them in the freezer!  These yogurts have more protein (5 gm vs 2 gm) and less sugar  (8 g  m vs 10 gm) than other squeezable yogurts.  And we know how kids quickly eat them (and think to ourselves, how many did you have?).


Happy Friday!

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