#MyPlateBirthday + Easy meals I made this week!

#MyPlateBirthday + Easy meals I made this week!

A little belated but Happy Birthday MyPlate!  The kids and I celebrated with some paper Myplate plates we picked up at the store on a whim – thanks Jenny!  Thanks to special tweets from Let’s Move blog reminding me that MyPlate is celebrating its 2nd birthday!  I just printed out Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum.  I think I will test it out kids, I love to play school!


MyPlate is a cool, yet super simple concept.  Before this idea became MyPlate I remember telling people to divide their plate like a clock, from 9 to 3 eat fruits and veggies and so on . . .  I think once people see this image it helps them get an idea of what to eat or at least they will be eating more fruits and vegetable, eh?


Here are the kids loving their MyPlate plates!  Our menu for the night was applesauce, kale chips, corn on the cob and Crispy Chicken Fingers (from a previous post – so incredibly easy and everyone asks for seconds, gotta try!) Yeah, so corn is not technically a grain but I told them it is a starchy vegetable plus we have breading on the chicken.  I really wanted to balance out all the crackers they had before dinner.  I can never get dinner on the table fast enough for these hungry little eaters! They really loved having something in every spot.  I was getting their plates ready and my daughter said, “I want a fruit in this spot!”  I was just getting their applesauce, patience Smile.  I think I will totally buy reusable MyPlates!


I confess . . . I have never made kale chips until the other night!  I know! They seem all trendy but I guess I have never gotten around to actually making them.  I did find a nice bag of chopped kale at TJ’s that I thought would  make it really easy.


A quick rinse and dress with some olive oil, salt and pepper and throw on a baking sheet! I followed tips from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Blog – How to make kale chips (better)!


I couldn’t believe how crunchy they were and as we were all munching on them it sounded like we were chomping on potato chips! This was a very successful dinner as every one (husband including, lol) cleaned there plates!


Dinner #2!

I usually set up a weekly meal plan for the week but I think after the race this weekend I just wanted to take it easy!  However, I was determined to not have to make a trip to the grocery store and use what I already have in my pantry and frig.   I found veggie pasta, one full serving of vegetables. Hmmm . . . they tasted great, not whole grain but I guess sneaking some veggies is just fine, too!


To the noodles I added four little cubes of  the herbed cheese, a bag of frozen mixed veggies (red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini), half bag of frozen green beans and one tablespoon of butter.  Along side I made meat balls (1/2# pound lean ground beef; 1 egg; 1/2 cup bread crumbs/ 1-2 tbsp Mrs. Dash onion seasoning, 1/4 cup tomato sauce).  I don’t think my picture looks the best but it tasted pretty good.


Super simple and dinner was on the table in no time! Now if only I had someone to do my dishes, heehehhee!