The 8-Hour Diet Book Review + How I lost the baby weight . . .

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There is always some new diet book out promoting simple weight loss with great results.  We have all heard the marketing promo, “Lose 10 pounds in just a week” and so on . . . Everyone wants that magic pill for simple, fast and easy weight loss, right?

Little does the grand marketing scheme tell you that YOU, yeah YOU have to follow the plan and if YOU don’t, well, then you are back to where you started.  Have you ever watched P90X or Insanity commercials?  I see those people with ripped six-pack abs and stellar arms and I almost grab my credit card and call! Well, not really but I do say to myself, hmmm . . . maybe I should try that?   And so I did!

I was at our local library and found one Insanity DVD and grabbed it to checked it out.  I was so excited!  Now maybe I will have ripped arms for the summer, woohoo!  So one day as the kids were taking naps I thought this is INSANITY time!  Yeah!!!  I was ready, let’s go, bring it on – all words to get me pumped up! 

Once Shaun T came on it was full speed to the max exercise, really? I thought to myself, “This kind of sucks! I would rather go run.”  I don’t think I lasted 10 minutes!  Yeah, I was pretty pathetic but then I hopped on the treadmill instead.  For me running was much better than doing a high intensity workout in my living room.  Maybe if I was at a gym I could and would do the workout but something about doing an intense workout by myself . . . in my living room does not entice me. 

So my point here is that I was not going to see those ripped arms, legs and abs on my body because I did not put forth the effort!  That is why so many of us fail because we don’t want to put forth the effort and go back to our old ways that got us in trouble in the first place.  Sound familiar?




Okay now back to my review . . .again my awesome local library had the 8-Hour Diet on the “just in” book shelf.  I was timid to pick it up because I thought the title sounded a little fishy, hmmm.  I thought what the heck, I like to read diet books and I don’t have to buy it on my kindle so I might as well give it a try.  The author, David Zincenko, who also wrote the books, “Eat This Not That” and the editor of Men’s Health Magazine along with Peter Moore.  The book started talking about other diets and seeing the results from this diet. My skepticism set in . . yeah, yeah, yeah . . .

Then the book revealed the goods: THE 8-HOUR EATING PLAN, ah-ha! Here we go . . .

– Eat whenever you want during the duration of an 8-hour period.

– Results can be seen by following this plan as little as three days a week!

– Meals and snacks can be whenever as long as they fall within an 8-hour period.

– Eat from the eight Powerfoods/Fat Buster at every meal and snack.  These foods include: turkey, eggs, lean meats, walnuts, nuts, yogurt, dairy, beans, legumes, raspberries/berries, fruits, green veggies, whole grain breads, cereals and oatmeal. 

– Focus of lean protein and fiber. There is also a “Carb Rule” – it is really just pairing carb-heavy foods with some filling foods from their recommended list above.

– Limit simple carbohydrates.

– Reduce drinking your calories and limit alcohol

– Exercise is optional but recommended just eight minutes each morning.


Okay, this totally sounds doable and goes right along with my recommendation.  The book also includes a ton of great science behind this method.  This book was extremely interesting to read and sparked my interest in the science behind fasting.  A couple days after I read this book my local PBS station (love PBS) tweeted a new upcoming documentary “Eat, Fast, Live Longer”  with Dr. Michael Mosley.  I grabbed my remote control so fast to set this show to record and I am glad I did!

Here is a little interview for more info but check out the documentary, totally worth watching!


Dr. Mosley is the author of “The Fast Diet” on a premise of the 5:2 diet meaning eat extremely low calories (500-600) on just two days week and the rest of the days eat whatever you want.  I like this idea but I think I would be one cranky mama if I only ate 500 calories a day which is why I tried the 8-hour diet instead.

My Results

Well, I did not follow this to an exact ‘t” and probably followed the plan three to four days a week. As usual I enjoyed food every day and the rest of the week, especially on the weekend.  No deprivation here!  I have been following the diet for about two months and FINALLY lost those last stubborn pounds from my baby (yeah, she is almost one year!)!  At a tall 5-foot-2 height, I lost seven pounds.  I was able to put on a pair of shorts I wore on my honeymoon (almost 7 years ago). By the way, this girl hates shorts but I am starting to not mind them anymore or maybe as I get older I just don’t care. 

Remember when I was talking about YOU putting forth the effort, well, I thought this plan was VERY doable for this busy stay-at-home mom.  The meal plan was totally flexible and that is what I love about this plan! Some days you are “on” and some days you “off” – and that is okay!

I am out of renewals for this book but I am thinking I will have to buy it as a good reference!  Plus, the recipes in the book look pretty darn tasty!    I will emphasize that my coffee in the morning and my favorite raspberry hibiscus tea at night really helped me stay on track! 

I didn’t count a single calorie and just ate good food. Before I was introduced to this method, I would  log everything on My Fitness Pal.  However, I would just be too busy to log every food and by the time 4-o’clock came I was already at 1200 calories, ugh!

I wanted to give you a meal plan of what a normal day looked like for me but I really don’t have a specific schedule and I guess that is the beauty of this plan.  But, I did eat/drink some of the same things every day.

7-9 a.m. – Drink water and coffee

9:30 a.m. – Eat a hearty egg breakfast sandwich: 1-2 slice whole wheat toast, 1 tsp butter, 1 slice cheese, 1 egg

12 p.m. – Lunch – I would try to get in some veggies and lean protein, probably some chips and salsa, too!

2:30 p.m – Snack time!  This is the toughest part of the day for me because I am extremely hungry!  Snacks could be cottage cheese and crackers or apple and peanut butter or some Greek yogurt and cookies or nuts, raisin and M&Ms.  Or a combo of snacks, maybe more .  . . 

5:30/6:00 p.m. – I try to finish my last meal by 5:30 p.m. but obviously the way life is crazy it might not have been till 6:00 or even 6:30.  Yes, some days I cheated and did The 9-Hour Diet. 

7:30 p.m. Raspberry Hibiscus Tea (I am in love with this tea – let it steep for at least 10 minutes for best flavor.  Some days I let it set out overnight and drink it cold in the morning. This drink was how I broke my habit for diet soda!)


Yeah, that is me on my honeymoon in the Bahamas and those are the shorts, haha! I wanted to pull one of the giant leaves off, just like Ace Ventura Pet Detective but I didn’t!


So there you have it . . . I do think this plan is also just another great way to cut calories by having the mind-set that I start and end eating at certain times each day.  The days that I continue to eat after 6  p.m. are the days when I snack, snack and snack some more!  I am always a little embarrassed about sharing my personal info but maybe this will help you get on track with your weight-loss goals.  I am a big believer in doing whatever works for you!  Sometimes a new “diet plan” may help boost your motivation but in the end it is always about eating a variety of healthy foods . . . the majority of the time, right? Smile   . . building a healthy lifestyle every day!

Please feel free to email any questions!

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