Pancake Pops! My kids new fav breakfast!

Here is a little twist on regular ole’ pancakes for breakfast – pancake pops!  Who da thunk?

IMG_7287 - Copy

Well, a couple of years ago I saw this donut maker and thought it would save my family from eating donuts every weekend.  I was super excited to make a healthier donut but in my lost cause it was a complete failure.  I tried numerous was to make my recipe taste like real donuts, I even sautéed them in some oil and then dipped them in sugar!  But my husband and my daughter were not impressed so I have reverted back to an occasional or weekly donut trip on the weekends.

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Needless to say, I sort of liked the donuts and I would end up eating more than my share since my family turned them down.  I also think my family is always a little leery when it comes to trying new things in our “test” kitchen, hmm  . . . . My poor husband, right?

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Well, it is a good thing I found another use for this donut maker machine!  I used a boxed pancake mix, water and in my defense I add some ground golden flaxseed, just to bump up the nutrition a bit.   Plus I think every kid on the planet likes food on a stick! Hmm . . what else I can make in this donut maker?

IMG_7273 - Copy

A little batter over flowed and made some great “rings” around a couple of the pops.  I called it “Planet Saturn” and my daughter loved the idea! As you can see in the picture, one of pops has a little tail, I called it a tadpole Smile.

IMG_7274 - Copy

These were a total hit at our house and as my daughter said the day I introduced her to pancake pops, “This is the best day ever! Wow, this is so cool, Mom!”  Yeah, I am not going to lie but I love hearing comments like that from my kids.

Here we have a “Breakfast of Champions” including: pancake pops, syrup, Cara Cara oranges (omg, they were delicious!) and scrambled eggs, woohoo!

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