How to Keep the Kids Away from the Easter Candy + Butterfly Snacks!


Oh my goodness, how many times a day this week do I hear, “Can I have some more candy, please?”  My kids have been at the extreme of wanting candy, candy . . . and MORE candy!  I always let them have some but lately they have been digging into their Easter baskets a bit too much.  So I decided to hit the grocery store and load up on a variety of different foods, mainly fruits to satisfy their sweet tooth and I had to find some veggies, too. 

The key word for making this successful is different!   I had to find different foods that we have not had in awhile to make them more willing to choose healthy food over all the candy.  Fresh pineapple, grapes and strawberries were all on sale, hooray!  Hmm . . . now for some different veggies that I know that my kids will eat.   Ah-ha, jicama, I don’t think we have had that since last year, perfect!

Here are some foods/tricks that have worked at our house.

  • Fun new snacks! This involves some creativity and I know that can be difficult at times but here is one idea that my kids loved, well, mainly my daughter.  Butterfly snacks!


Yes, nothing fancy but it is cute and great for on-the-go!  Fill half the bag with cheese cubes and tie a pipe cleaner in the middle and fill the rest of the bag with grapes.



  • Jicama – This just goes to show that it takes a number of exposures of a certain food before a kid finally likes it.  My daughter is my success story!  My son on the other hand always eats his veggies (while eating ice cream, too) with a dip of course.  My kids even wanted jicama for their bedtime snack, whoa!  My daughter said it tasted like watermelon, huh?  It was a pretty juicy jicama so maybe, I guess, say whatever you want my child as long as you eat it! Yeah! 

Below is a picture of sliced jicama.  Some say jicama is a cross between an apple and potato.  I used to bring jicama to elementary schools when I did presentations and they always loved it, so it is worth a shot!



  • Organic Carrots:  Have you ever taste tested the difference between organic carrots and conventional?  And I am not talking about baby carrots, real carrots, the ones with the greens on top.  Oh yeah, those are carrots, too.  Well, I recommend you try it out if you have not done so already.  I put my kids to the test and they love organic carrots.  My daughter will say, “Mommy, may I have some more triangle carrots please? I love them!”  Yes, they do take a little bit of time peeling and cutting them but it is totally worth it!  They are super sweet and just yummy! 


  • Fruit: Fresh pineapple, strawberries and grapes were on sale so they were of course in my shopping cart.  Look around for something different or new like mango –  maybe you will be  surprised and realize your kids will like a different food.  Fresh fruit is a great way to divert a child’s sweet tooth from candy.  My kids also really love frozen mango chunks and canned mandarin oranges.


Even my sweet baby Lucy loves mango!



  • Apples! Wow, my little guy keeps digging in the frig and eating whole apples throughout the day, whew at least it is not candy.  Even venturing for a different variety of apples can help satisfy any snack craving. Or maybe my kid is crazy about apples because they are within his reach?  Needless to say have a some leftover quarter apples, haha!

coopercooper 2


Well, I have to keep trying each and every day to get good-for-you food into my children. It can be a challenge but a challenge I am willing to take on!

What are some of your kids’ favorite snacks?