Pizza Cracker Bites–Super Kids Snacks

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Okay, I know these are nothing fancy but they sure satisfy any craving for pizza and that’s how these little bites were discovered.  I was really craving some pizza and the only thing I could find were some Wheat Thin®crackers.  I thought I would share this because this might be perfect for your pre-teen to make after school, eh? This is super quick and easy, oh and of course add some veggies to make it a complete snack/mini meal.


Just add some sauce, in this case it was leftover spaghetti sauce and top with shredded cheese.


Pop them in the microwave for about 20 to 30 seconds and eat immediately otherwise they get soggy.


After I shot these pictures my kids had them for lunch.


Ahh, just the perfect bite of crunch, sauce and cheese, yum!


Here is another idea instead of using shredded cheese: cheese cut-outs!  They are flowers by the way, haha!  I think mini hearts would be cute too or next time I will cut them into different shapes and quiz my toddler.


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