Breakfast Fruit Pizza


These little fruit pizza are a lot of fun to make plus they are super yummy!  It is always nice to mix things up a bit at breakfast time and try something different.  Missing breakfast can really cause quite a bit of havoc for the rest of the day. Many people that skip breakfast in the morning usually make up for calories at dinner time.  I think we all have had some days when we come home for dinner and go a bit overboard.  Breakfast can jumpstart your metabolism and tell your body it is time to wake up and burn some calories. 


Now for the kiddos, these little pizza are perfect and really encourage them to eat a nutritious breakfast! Let them have fun and make a face (like above!).  A study from the journal of Pediatrics, 2008, found that adolescents who ate breakfast daily had a lower body mass index than teens who never ate breakfast or only on occasion. There are also many studies that show that breakfast boosts a child’s performance at school, too!


I start off by using whipped cream cheese, mmmmm . . . .


I flavored the cream cheese with some cinnamon and sugar.  This is also a great product,  Tone’s Cinnamon Maple Sprinkle, to sprinkle on top .

cin and sug


Be creative and add any fruits!  We drizzled a bit of honey over the top of the fruit.  I have also tried agave nectar which has a lower glycemic index than honey, plus I think it tastes better.



Here’s to a simple, yet, yummy breakfast! 


Breakfast Fruit Pizza


1 whole wheat English muffin

1 tbsp whipped cream cheese

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp sugar

2 tbsp fresh strawberries, chopped

2 tbsp blueberries

1 tbsp banana, chopped

honey or agave nectar


Toast English muffin.  Mix together cream cheese with cinnamon and sugar.  Spread mixture onto muffins and top with fruit. Drizzle with honey or agave nectar.