What is for Dinner Next Week? Weekly Meal Menu!

What is for Dinner Next Week? Weekly Meal Menu!

I really, really try to plan out meals for the week before I go grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, but as you know life doesn’t always happen as planned.  However, this next week will be different!

Here are some of my favorite SIMPLE (and good-for-you) recipes for the family. 

Here is how I rate a recipe (this explains my cooking philosophy, it changes with the addition of each child, ha! aka, as life gets crazier and crazier)

                                 1) Is the recipe easy to make?  (Can I make this recipe while entertaining a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old and breast feed a baby? JK, but I think you get the picture)                        

                                2) Would my husband eat this?          

                                3) Does the recipe involve balanced nutrition?

Well, folks let me help make this week a bit easier for the both of us, here is to a weeks worth of meals, plus shopping list!



Homemade Italian Breaded Chicken




No-Fail Sloppy Joes




Salmon Patties




Fiesta Soup




Easy Homemade Pizza




Side 1

Side 2

IMG_3329-001 Lettuce salad Applesauce
IMG_3765-002 Green beans Sweet potato fries

(My kids will only eat
Alexia Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato fries)
IMG_4510-001 Frozen Vegetable Edamame Blend

Here are my favorites
Archer Farms® Teriyaki-Flavored Mukimame Seasoned Vegetable Blend or Green Giant Healthy Weight Vegetable Blend

IMG_5617-001 Grilled cheese Clementines
IMG_5592-001 Fresh veggies Dip/Ranch dressing




Produce Meat
Green onions
Fresh cut veggies (carrots, cauliflower, etc.)
Leafy greens
Mushrooms (for pizza toppings)
Broccoli (for pizza toppings)
1 lb  ground beef
Choice of meat for pizza
4 (4oz) chicken breast
Grocery Dairy
organic ketchup
spicy brown mustard
Worcestershire sauce
apple sauce
whole wheat buns
premade pizza crusts (Golden Home Brand)
Parmesan cheese  
8 oz pizza sauce
Italian seasoning
brown sugar  

low-sodium chicken broth or unsalted stock
1 can salmon
1 can black beans
whole wheat bread
Ranch dressing or veggie dip
Salad dressing

provolone cheese (2 slices, may get in deli)
feta cheese
shredded cheese (pizza blend)
cheese slices
Frozen Health Section
1 package Fiesta blend vegetables
Edamame vegetable blend
Green beans
whole wheat panko bread crumbs
(HV HMKT) pineapple salsa
Sweet potato fries


Well  . . .I hope this menu makes life a bit easier  next week! Please share any thoughts or suggestions about the meal plan?  Would you like more weekly menus ideas?


What are some of your family’s favorite dishes? 

Do you have a go-to meal or favorite product that is a must every week at your house?

Have a wonderful weekend!