Fiesta Soup!

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Soup is on!  I love making soups, perhaps it is my favorite dish to make!  Plus soup is a great way to cut calories without eating less and feel hungry! Research has shown that people who start a meal with soup eat 20 percent fewer calories over the course of their meal!  Wow!

So here is a SUPER simple soup that can be put together in just minutes! 


RECIPE:  2 1/2 cups low sodium chicken broth, 1 bag (Fiesta Blend) frozen vegetables, 1 jar of salsa and 1 (15 oz) can of black beans.  This time I used a different flavor of salsa, pineapple salsa. I think this put this soup over the top!  It was fantastic!  I really wanted to save the pineapple salsa since it is my favorite but it was the only jar of salsa I had on hand, good thing I put it in the soup because I made the best soup!


Dump all ingredients into a pot and heat thoroughly, that is it!


The chicken broth is very good as well, look at the sodium!  Only 70 milligrams per cup, most broth contain 800 milligrams plus!


This soup is a great way to get in your veggies for the day plus a wonderful serving of fiber with all the beans!  There are so many varieties of beans: black, kidney, garbanzo and navy! Loaded with antioxidants, this soup is perfect to help fight the flu! Filling yet satisfying, this soup is perfect on a cold January evening, especially when you keep your resolution!  Enjoy!


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