Childhood Obesity + Fruity Popsicle Recipe!


Our fruity popsicles are just beautiful but first let’s talk!  If you are like me you have been psyched watching The Biggest Loser these last couple of night, or maybe it is just the season of New Year’s resolutions that really excites me.  I am in love with the three kids on the show, Sunny, Lindsay and Bingo (Noah).  Oh my gosh, I just want to give them a huge hug, especially little Bingo, awe! I usually do get a little sappy as I watch this show but I weep when hear the kids stories.  Gosh, it really makes me want to help EVERY single kid in the world with a weight problem!  Here is a video introducing the kids!

So as my heart aches for every single overweight kid, my passion becomes for healthy living becomes stronger! Here is an interesting study that was featured on CBS’s This Morning Show.  More than one-third of children are overweight and obese, geez!

This study came up with a formula to predict the future of obesity. Here is the formula, hmm . . . parents? . . .


Just like the saying, “monkey see, monkey do”  can we say, “parent act, child do.”   A great motivator for us all to be great role models for the younger generation.  It can be as simple as stocking the frig the frig with healthy foods, play a game as a family, etc.   I know at our house, if we have cookies, chips and pop, those are first foods my kids go to when they are hungry so we try not to have too much of that in the house but also teach moderation.


So here is my recycled recipe from a couple of posts ago. 


Remember this, yeah, it is left over Fantastic Fruit Salsa we made for the holidays! Just puree this mixture up and place into popsicle containers.  It’s really pretty, isn’t it!?

add sauceIMG_5258IMG_5259


Taa-dahh!  There is my daughter showcasing the popsicle for us!



Hey, this is old but since we are on the topic of childhood obesity, I thought I would share!  The videos below are episodes of an old TV PBS show I was apart, “Get Movin’"

The majority of the program features exercises for kids and in the middle of the program I cooked with some amazing kiddos!

At about 12 minutes into this video we made Fruit Pizza!

At 19 minutes we made whole grain Pepperoni Calzones!

Man, I had a blast cooking with these kids!


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