Top 13 “Diet” Foods/Product for 2013

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So we are at day four of the New Year and are you keeping your healthy resolutions?  I want to ask you, “What does your pantry, frig or freezer look like?”  Are they stocked with good-for- you foods or do you still have some Christmas candy in the freezer that you are dying to dig into?  I will have to say the Fritos (chips are my vice)are gone at our house, so I am on the road to better eating, hahaha! 

Well, it is time to stock up and have a variety of good foods on hand at ALL TIMES!  Remember a little bit of planning can deter any hunger rage.


Here are my 13 favorite must-have foods/products.


Yes, my favorite whey protein powder sweetened with stevia! They powders are so versatile!  I love making smoothies and I experimented the other day and found I even make them ahead and place in the frig!  I will share my recipe next week.  I am drinking one right now and it is very filling!  They contain about 100-130 calories and 22 grams of protein per scoop!  Plus don’t forget these recipes including Vanilla Caramel Frappe, Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar and yes you can even make a Cake in a Mug!



Ok this weekend when I got home from the grocery store I should definitely get a gold star. As I was putting all the groceries away I EVEN washed and cut up all the fresh veggies.  Are you kidding me, this was wonderful!  I placed them in a small Ziploc divided container. Remember to have good food at your fingertips and you will be more likely to snack on them or have them as a side for any meal.



3) Flavor your water!  Some of you may be excellent water drinkers but for the rest of us, including myself, we need a little help.  This little ball is great to throw in a pitcher or large water jug.  You can fill it with just about anything including, lemons, limes, oranges, strawberries or cucumber.  Whatever excites you to drink more water for the day.



4) Eggs! Eggs are must-have in my frig. They are a great source of protein and contain many nutrients!  Whether you have them for breakfast or hard-boil them for an afternoon snack, eggs help maintain satiety.  Don’t worry about the cholesterol, remember eating cholesterol doesn’t “make” cholesterol in the blood.  For more info read up on the latest nutrition info from the Incredible Egg website. IMG_5436


5) Low-Carb tortillas

This brand has been a long lost find for me at the grocery store but I finally found them again the other day!  I also like La Tortilla Factory brand but I know some of my family member (my mother) are not big fans of that brand, so I found a wonderful substitute – a delectable white soft tortilla!  This tortilla takes the place of bread in my diet.  I love bread (especially when there is butter in the house, yikes!) but these low-carb tortillas provide a bigger nutrition bang for my buck.  They are loaded with fiber and extremely filling, which is why they are on the list!



6) Frozen berries

Yes, fresh berries are not in season so take advantage of frozen berries that were picked at the peak of the season.  They are perfect to add to plain yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, smoothies or just thaw and snack!  Berries are loaded with antioxidants plus they are a lower carb fruit and will not cause a dramatic hike in blood sugars.



7) Kale!

Yes, this prized little green is not there to make the plate look pretty anymore.  Kale is chockfull of a variety of nutrients!  I love, love, love that kale is now packaged and ready to eat!  It is much easier to throw in a salad or stew! Love how the package says “exceptional amount of essential nutrients including vitamin K, C, and A”, yes that is right!



8) Turkey Sticks!

I know, these little guys may be high in nutrition but they sure do fight any hunger pang!  Grab and take on the on-the-go or when you are staring at the frig with the door wide open, they will scream at you, “Eat me!”  They contain only 70 calories and 7 grams of protein.  Don’t go too crazy eating them because the sodium will add up.  BUT, they are just wonderful for any time crunch. 

8) Turkey Sticks


9)Almond milk

Don’t get me wrong but I do love milk and good ole’ regular cow’s milk is just fine, however, when I want to lean up and drop some weight I really enjoy almond milk in my smoothies.  Almond milk is very low in calories (45 calories/cup) and low in carbohydrates.  Again, there is not a huge jump in blood sugars after a protein shake.  Just remember to get UNSWEETENED, otherwise it can be packed full added sugar.



10) Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are a must for any snack!  They are loaded with good-for-you nutrients and also very filling.  Even though they are higher in fat, don’t be scared because it is good fat!  I love bagging up a variety of nuts or seeds in snack baggies, plus I really enjoy sneaking in some dried fruit or a couple of chocolate chips (or shh, some M&Ms).  Just a tablespoon of either raisins or dark chocolate chips make the perfect match to any nuts or seeds.  Portion control is a must!



11) Bolthouse Yogurt Dressings

There are many times where I try to avoid buying this dressing because it is a bit more pricy but really it tastes so much better than any dressing on the shelf in the grocery aisle.  Plus these low-fat yogurt dressing are great for not only salads but try them as dips or even better in a wrap!  This is the perfect light dressing that is loaded with flavor!  Find them in the refrigerated section near produce.




12) Canned Salmon/Tuna

A heart-healthy, lean source of protein is a must in any pantry!  Add it to a salad, soup, wrap or any leftover veggies or rice!  This protein is very versatile and a great way make a complete meal with a good source of protein.  Plus, let’s not forget about those beloved omega-3 fats!  Two servings of fish per week is recommended! 



13) Chia Flour

Chia flour is really just ground chia seed, kind of like a ground flaxseed.  It is a great source of fiber and good source of omega-3’s.  You may use flaxseed instead of chia flour but chia flour does contain more fiber!  I just love adding it to my protein shakes.   It hides very well in a variety of foods, I think even better than ground flaxseed. 



So here you have it, my top food choices for 2013, now let’s raise a toast (I will have my beer) to healthy eating for the New Year! 


Keep up with those resolutions!

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