Holiday Treats–Brownies!

I came across this little trick to make brownies just a bit healthier about four years ago for my daughter’s first birthday.  Of course I didn’t tell anyone what I put in the brownies because they would freak! Now, people are very suspicious of my food, especially my husband.  Have I mentioned that before?  Hmm . . .


Well, if you thought making brownies was easy this may be even easier!  Two ingredients: black beans and a brownie mix (family size).



Open can of black beans and dump into a blender (water included!). Puree beans well!  Very well!  Funny story, when I first made these brownies I did tell my husband’s grandmother because I knew she would not be picky and STILL eat the brownies even if she knew what was in them.  We had them at the party and everyone finished their desserts and no complaints.  About two weeks later, grandma made the brownies, EXCEPT she forgot to puree the beans.  I heard they were not very good! Smile  I tell that story because 1) it is funny 2) you will never forget to puree the beans.  By substituting the beans for the oil and egg, the fat content is slashed by 100 grams!  Plus we add a good source of fiber (and a ton of other minerals and vitamins) by using beans!

IMG_5083 IMG_5085

Add pureed beans to brownie mix and mix!

IMG_5086 IMG_5088


Oh my gosh . . . this kid will not let any food go to waste!


Looks like brownie batter!  Plus they can eat it because there are no raw eggs, woohoo!


Yep, that’s right little guy, lick it up clean!  What a good puppy (he loves to play puppy)! Or he just loves food, maybe both!

Isn’t he so cute! Plus he is pretty darn hilarious!


Place batter in a 9 –by-13-inch pan and bake according to directions.