Hey Kids! It’s Snack Time!

I know I have said this before but I am ALWAYS on the search for healthy snacks for my kids.  If you have any favorite snacks that you really enjoy email me!  I have to keep changing up the snacks every now and then so my kids do not get bored.  Plus if I do not have a good stash of snacks then my kids will go straight to their Halloween candy.  I need to hide the candy better. 

So here are some of my favorite snack finds right now.

Snyder’s new pretzel chips go great with little chunks of cheese.  Eat as is or melt them in the microwave for 10 seconds and make a sandwich!  Peanut butter is also great in between pretzel chips, too!



This is a special treat! Kids have to have a fun treat every now and then . . .  my little boy loves, loves, loves, pop.  Really?  He must know mommy is a dietitian.  He always gets into daddy’s stash of pop but I just can’t break my hubby’s habit.  This product is 100% carbonated juice.  Otherwise I have made my own, a little 100% juice with some carbonated water, usually a one to four ratio Smile.


Since my kids won’t eat their Omega-3 supplement I tried a new supplement.  This fish oil is yummy by itself but don’t worry it is flavored!  I just add a teaspoon to their yogurt!  Good tip: when looking at omega-3 content, look for EPA and DHA content and see if they add up to 1000 mg.  This one has 360 EPA and 360 DHA so I take a serving and a half, but a teaspoon is fine for the kiddos.


I feel like since it is winter our variety for fresh produce is very boring, so I decided to bring back a new vegetable the kids found to love, thanks to Grandpa Ralph’s garden this summer.  I seriously told my son that I bought a kohlrabi and he said, “Yay, kwolarabi!”  If you have never tried this veggie, it tastes like cabbage cross with maybe a bland radish. Just peel it and slice up!.  Raw kohlrabi contains only 37 calories per 1 cup serving. It is a good source of fiber along with other nutrients including: fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese and more!


Here it is on our plate!  With purple potatoes, peaches and a hamburger on Goldfish 100% whole wheat bread.

My daughter enjoyed the purple potatoes but my son was a bit leery, he just had another helping of kohlrabi.


Here is the bag with the purple potatoes!


Have you seen these? Pepperidge Farm makes 100% whole wheat “sandwich thins.”

Great for breakfast or snack with some nut butter.



Well, maybe this gives you some ideas and please share your favs.  So long for now, tying with one hand is getting old while keeping my 6-month-old busy, ha!