Monday Meal–Salmon Patties!

Monday Meal–Salmon Patties!

Well, I hope this dish claims some excitement in your house.  Ok, I will be honest, fish is not our most popular item on our menu, crazy, I know, but this recipe does stand out . . a bit.   Whenever I make this recipe, the kids and I sing Yo Gabba Gabba’s song, “I like fish!” then we follow this song up with another Yo Gabba Gabba song, “There’s a Party in my Tummy,”  so yummy, so yummy!  My husband and I sing these songs as hopeful positive reinforcement into getting the kids to try the dish.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not but they have to follow our one rule, “You HAVE to try it!” Then my son will usually sing another song, “Just try it, you’ll like it!  Thanks Yo Gabba Gabba for giving us fun songs to sing at the dinner table!

salmon patties

Fish is so good for you that I try to make it at least once a week, I wish I was better at serving it more often but there is always room for improvement! 

Omega-3’s are very important for brain and heart health. They are especially helpful for the development of children’s brain,  some studies show omega-3’s added to the diet may make them smarter! Smile  

Here are some of the other benefits of omega-3’s:

-Decrease triglycerides

– Lower blood pressure

– May decrease the risk of depression, ADHD, diabetes and more

– May prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of arthritis

And many more!  Remember that omega-3 sources coming from animals are better absorbed than coming from plant sources, almost four times better!  That is why it is so beneficial to eat fish!  Check out the American Heart Association for more info on omega health benefits and cooking tips and recipes.


Here are the ingredients I used for this recipe.

Parley, green onions, feta, whole wheat panko bread crumbs, egg, pepper and canned salmon (not all items shown below).  Next time I need to buy the salmon that does not contain any bones or skin, I had to pick it all out from this can, ugh.  Not my favorite thing to do . . .

salmon ingredients 2

Super simple -  mix items together and form into patties.

salmon ingre4


mixing salmon

mixing salmon 2


on gril salmon

salmon final2


Salmon Patties


1 can salmon

1/2 package feta cheese

1/2 cup whole wheat Panko breadcrumbs

1 egg

2 tbsps chopped parsley

1/4 cup chopped green onions

pepper, to taste


In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients and mix together. Form mixture into patties. Place patties on a hot skillet and flip when golden brown. Cook patty for about 3 minutes per side.


And yes, I am still singing in my head, “I like fish!  I like fish!  I like fish! I liiike fish!” 

Darn catchy song Smile