Surprise Chocolate Ice Cream!

It was time to experiment again with an idea that I have seen many times before but I wanted to know what if . . . hmm?  bnanas and nutella

I am sure you have seen the trick to use frozen bananas and make it into “ice cream.”  I just saw this on the Disney Channel, too! Well, I had to try this myself but I wanted to make it chocolate ice cream.  So I added a couple of spoons of nutella and that is it!  Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut butter spread, very good with fresh fruit! Again, ok to use in moderation, it is chocolate Smile !

Two ingredients: frozen bananas & nutella

Now, let’s blend it in a food processor and let it work its magic!  This was very cool!

add nutella2add nutella

Little chunks begin to form.

mixing 2

Keep pulsing until it all comes together.


Magic! It really has the texture of ice cream!



It scoops like real ice cream! Kind of looks like a chocolate chip chocolate ice cream.  Since the bananas were frozen, the nutella didn’t necessarily melt but it was still delicious!

ice cream

It has the same mouth-feel like ice cream!


Yum!  I will have to say maybe we should not call this ice cream to our kids because they will think it HAS to taste exactly like ice cream.  Maybe we should try calling it our “Chocolate Yummy Frozen Dessert!” That way we do not disappoint them into thinking it is real ice cream (and we don’t have hear, “ooo, this is not ice cream!”).  This idea was advised to me by one of my friends after her kids tried the frozen bananas in the food processor. Smile

done 2final 3

My son was very intrigued by this dish.  Here come the fingers!!  Don’t worry the food processor was unplugged, I am a safety freak, thanks to my father!

cooper fingers

I guess if you like bananas and chocolate you will love this little treat! What a great way to gain the nutritional benefits of bananas.  Bananas contain a wide array of nutrients including: vitamin B6, potassium, fiber, vitamin C and many more.  I bet you also did not know that bananas contain resistant starch that is very helpful in supporting weight loss. Resistant starch enhances metabolism and helps curb appetite!  FYI – Just when you thought bananas had to be thrown out of your diet because they are too starchy, now you can add them back into your diet! 


Here are some more interesting reads about bananas and weight loss.

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