Trim-Down Tuesday! My Fav Beverages & Snack!

Yes, I know Trim-Down Tuesday sounds a little nerdy but you know the topic for the day!  Hydration is very important, especially during weight loss but that doesn’t mean your drinks have to be boring.  I wanted to share some of my favorite beverages, including my iced coffee! The majority of the time, yes, water is best but a little something different is always nice, maybe just not a 10 cups of iced coffee.

My first fav is Crystal Light Pure, sweetened with Truvia.  Those darn artificial sweeteners are definitely not my stomach’s friend, so I found this little guy.  Sometimes I fill up my water container the night before, then it is super cold and ready for me in the morning!

crystal light


Now for my beloved iced coffee!  This is my little “happy” hour for the day, ahhh! Or I also make my Vanilla Caramel Frappe. This variety of coffee was really good!  Otherwise, you can add some spices (cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, etc) when you brew coffee – dump it right into the coffee grounds.

iced coffee

coffeepurvianutriton factsadd ing cream

Yes, I do measure out the coffee creamer (most times), love how it falls into the coffee, yum!

add creamiced final


I will be honest, this is not soda!  My kids think its soda so I give them a taste and they spit it out (ha).  It is flavored sparkling water, it may be an acquired taste but if you want to wean out soda in your diet, this is a great replacement!  I love it  . . . now Smile !

spark water

My absolute favorite herbal tea.  This is so nice to have before bed!

acai berry


My favs in the green tea category. 

ginger peachpomegranatemangosteen

FYI – Yesterday Dr. Oz talked about losing weight with tea ( Health Benefits of Tea)and featured white, oolong and yerb mate. If are not a tea drinker and maybe want to start, try white tea, it tastes lighter and loaded with antioxidants.


Here is my favorite seasonal snack! 

Pumpkin seeds!


I kind of forgot about them until my son put them in his cart. Those darn little kid carts. I really try to avoid them when we go to the store but my kids seek them out and there is always another kid using a cart, so they want one! Ahh, maybe I should not take three kids shopping! Ha, a lady told me I was brave Smile – I just wanted to get out of the house!

Here is one serving!  One-quarter cup!  Woohoo!  Bag them up and have the ready to-go!

in baggie

Don’t worry about the fat, it’s healthy fat (the majority)!  Wow, 2 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein, that is awesome!

tj pumpkin seedspumkin facts


These beverages and snack really help curb my appetite.