Kid Snacktivity– Let’s Make a Tractor!

Since I have been staying home, I am finding out that it takes some creativity to keep your kids busy all day.  I thought it would be fun to do a snacktivity!  The joy of a snack time turned into an activity (aka, keep them busy!).   I wanted to find a fun way for them to eat more good-for-you foods!  My son loves, loves John Deere tractors and this idea popped into my head when I looked at the picture of the tractor on his jammies. 


That’s it!  We will make a picture of a John Deere tractor using a variety of foods!  I think all good ideas come at bedtime.  As you can see, I outlined a tractor on a paper plate and filled it in with potatoes (white), peas (green), corn (yellow), and black beans (black, obviously Smile).

They really had a good time with this snacktivity!  My son really just ate and ate all the food but my daughter had fun making her own tractor.  Dig in buddy!


kidsreese and coop

Here we are at John Deere’s 175th celebration! Yay, we had so much fun!  I was scheduled for a c-section two days after this picture! It was hot but we had a great time with the family before baby#3! It was funny when random people asked, “Wow, when are you due?”  I said, “Oh, we will have this baby in two days” (like it was nothing, haha!).



So get creative and think of what your kids love. Just like we did with the tractor art, make your own using a variety of good-for-you foods! Have fun!