How to Make a Perfect Salad + Taco Salad in a Jar!

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Yes, salads can get a little boring but the key is to dazzle them up!  Get creative with the variety of veggies and really love eating vegetables!  Can you do that?  Not only are all those greens amazingly good-for-you, but the all those vegetables will really make you feel full on less calories! Woohoo!

Here are some of my favorite ways to dress up a salad.  Veggies, crunchies and some yummy cheese really upgrades the salad. 

  Greens Veggies Crunch Factor Protein Cheese
  Baby romaine Mushrooms Sunflower Seeds Chicken Feta
  Baby spinach Red Onions Roasted Walnuts Tuna Shredded Sharp
  Spring Mix Radishes Homemade Croutons Salmon Fresh Parmesan
    Broccoli or Cauliflower (sm pcs) Wanton Edamame  


Now with all the extras on the salad, the calories can sure add up, so I weighed my bowl. Add all the veggies and place the bowl on a scale and TARE it.

tare after veggies

Thanks Dad for the radishes from your garden, they give my salad a nice crunch!


Now I added one-ounce of feta cheese.


Tare the scale again and add sunflower seeds (I added 1/2-ounce)!

sunflower seeds

Tare scale again and add dressing.  I changed the measurement to grams.  I looked at the nutrition facts panel and saw that one serving (2tbsp) is 30 grams.

add dressing

Easy enough, we have the perfect portions of cheese, dressing and sunflower seed just by using the scale and simply tarring after each ingredient!

super salad!


The other day I was watching the Rachael Ray Show and Jorge Cruise, author of many diet books, was showing simple tips to prepare food the healthy-way.  He showed the salad in the jar trick, I have also seen this on pinterest but never pinned it, ha!  At first I thought this was a waste of time but then I realized I barely have enough time to prepare a salad each day, hmm . . . this trick may help me, and it did! Instead of bringing out five different containers out of the frig each time and weighing them, I simply have them already weighed out in a jar (using the method above).  I love reusing items and this a great way to reuse spaghetti jars or even a large peanut butter container (I put my peanut-Thai dressing in that container).


Here is the breakdown,

Place dressing at the bottom. Next layer consists of large veggies and/or meat and cheese.  The veggies and meat help separate the dressing from the lettuce. 

veggies in jar

Finally fill the container with lots of greens and place in frig. Now you have a salad ready to go! Just shake before eating and dump out into a bowl or plate!

in frig

We had a family gathering this weekend and I made walking tacos.  I used up the leftovers and now I have taco salads ready-to-go for lunch or dinner!

taco saladtaco salad 2

I weighed out 1 1/2 tablespoons (110gm) of dressing, 1 tablespoon (15gm), 2-oz taco meat, 1/2-oz shredded Mexican cheese, 1/2-oz Dortitos®(attached in baggie) and then filled the rest of the jar up with onions, tomatoes and lettuce!

complete taco salad

A little planning will go along way to help me stay on track! This really is a time-saver and a great way to promote eating more veggies. Now when I open up the frig and see those beautiful jars!  Plus it is already for me to eat! 

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