Kids, Let’s Cook! Pizzas & Popsicles!

Ok kiddos, let’s make some pizzas!  Get the kids involved and let them be the gourmet chef for dinner tonight.  This is also a great activity to keep them busy.


First we toasted up some whole grain sandwich thins in the toaster (if you don’t do this step, I have found some kids Smileto not like the pizza because it’s soggy). Then it’s time for the toppings! I cut up some veggies and shredded some chicken and cheese for healthy toppings.  This is a great time to introduce a variety of vegetables for toppings.  Kids may actually surprise you by trying them on pizza!  My daughter referred to an episode of Caillou when he made pizzas with his mommy and they used broccoli on their pizzas.  Now she always wants to have broccoli as a topping, thank you Caillou!

Get creative and make a funny face on the pizza, or just have fun!


Spread on some leftover spaghetti sauce or use pizza sauce, whatever is in the frig!

spread saucereese

Line a baking sheet with foil for easy clean up.  Use small strips of wax paper and write the child’s name on it and place it underneath their pizza.  This is also a great activity do to at parties – it keeps them busy! Notice, I use paper plates for easy clean-up, makes the whole activity a bit less stressful.

on pan

Bake at 375 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes or until cheese melts.




Now it is time for some popsicles!  My daughter actually invented this recipes as she was searching through the frig looking for something to put into her popsicle containers.  We tried a new flavor, mango!  I will have to say my kids did not like this as a flavor to drink but they loved it as a popsicle.  If you have never tried kefir it is like a drinkable yogurt or smoothie.  Kefir contains 12 probiotic cultures (bacteria) that are helpful for promoting healthy digestion.

kefirkefirn in popsicles


My daughter has come across some fun nutritional games on  I thought I would share because I was impressed by the nutritional content of the game.



Arthur’s Lunch-O-Matic focuses on making a healthy lunch. The goal of the game is to chose foods that are good sources calcium, protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients.



Supermarket Adventure teaches kids about the foods groups and nutrients.  For example, the speaker will say, “Find three foods that contain Vitamin A.”  I do have to help my daughter with the game but over time she remembers.