Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween Cupcakes (here is my little trick, hahahah!)

Pin ItI love love this Shrek-green color and do you want to know my little secret?  (That is powder sugar… Continue reading »

Trim-Down Tuesday! My Fav Beverages & Snack!

Pin ItYes, I know Trim-Down Tuesday sounds a little nerdy but you know the topic for the day!  Hydration is… Continue reading »

Monday Meal – Easy Pizza Pockets!

Pin ItDinner is so simple when you make these yummy pockets! I used to make these little guys all the… Continue reading »

Protein Bar Showdown–My Top Favs!

Pin ItSometimes is it nice to have a protein bar at hand when you are in a hurry.  Just like… Continue reading »

Kid Snacktivity– Let’s Make a Tractor!

Pin ItSince I have been staying home, I am finding out that it takes some creativity to keep your kids… Continue reading »

Drop the Weight–A Meal Plan for a Day!

Pin ItI wanted to share a sample meal plan with recipes that I have posted.  I will say my day… Continue reading »

Monday Meal! My No-Fail Sloppy Joes

Pin ItThis is my number ONE, go-to meal!  It’s simple, quick and very filling! A couple of years ago I… Continue reading »