Getting the Baby Weight Off . . . killer workout!

Ok, so I am just getting back into a consistent exercise routine.  After my little girl wakes me up early in the morn around 5 a.m. or so, I tell myself, “Ok, this is your only quiet time during the day to get something done!”  This has definitely been my motivation to get up early in the morning!  So I get up surf the internet and drink some coffee (ahh) for an hour or so and then it is time to burn off some of that jiggle (on my butt, thighs, arms, you what I mean . . .).  In the beginning I would just freely jog to my favorite song and then walk for a bit as I would find another song, I would jog again and so on.  This only lasted for a good four or five songs but it was a great start.  I really just enjoyed moving my body again!  There was no time limit, no schedule, just walk, jog, walk, jog.


Now, it is time to get to business!  Today, I am sweating like pig and feel like my workout really got me going again.  Do this at your pace, feel free to drop the number mph’s down to your level. Maybe you start your speed at 3 mph and follow this at one below the suggested number.  Yes, the chart is a bit redundant but sometimes I get off track and can’t remember where I am at, so I wrote it all out for you!  This really makes the treadmill workout go fast and I have been finding a great magazine to look at from the library.


Tomorrow I will be posting recipes and later this week meal plan!  I am sorry it has taken me so long be “daily dietitian,”  but life has been a bit crazy these past few months with moving and baby.  This past weekend (I will have to say) I made a fantastic homemade breaded chicken and some easy protein bars, I will share the recipes! So exciting . . . 

0-0.25 4 mph
0.25-0.5 5 mph
0.5-1 mile 6 mph
1-1.10 7 mph
1.10-1.15 5 mph
1.15-1.25 7 mph
1.25-1.30 5mph
1.30-1.40 7 mph
1.45-1.50 5 mph
1.50-1.60 7 mph
1.65-1.70 5 mph
1.70-1.80 7 mph
1.80-1.85 5 mph
1.85-1.95 7 mph
1.95-2.00 5 mph
2.00-2.10 8 mph
2.10-2.20 6 mph
2.20-2.30 8 mph
2.30-2.40 6 mph
2.40-2.50 8 mph
2.50-2.60 6 mph
2.60-2.70 7 mph
2.70-2.80 6 mph
2.80-3.00 4 mph

NJK”L[o0p HHHH7-[‘m/The information is not intended to be medical advice
. Please consult a medical professional for individual advice.