Getting the Baby Weight Off . . . the drive-thru, ugh

I cannot wait to have my very own kitchen and be able to make my family a satisfying, yet good-for-you meal!  I am counting down the days (only one day to be exact but I still won’t have any of my kitchen utensils or pots and pans, so more like four days until the moving truck arrives, ugh!).   Living in a hotel and relying on restaurants has become so frustrating!  At first, it was a luxury to have food made without the work but as I look at how much money we are spending and some of the junk we are eating I want to pull out my hair!

So the night before we ate at Bandana’s, a wonderful barbeque restaurant.  The food was delicious and I don’t think it was too extremely bad on the health side, keeping the sides in moderate portions.  We ate some tasty chicken (without the skin) and a side of coleslaw, baked beans and of course buttery garlic bread.  Last night I didn’t know what sounded good and we ended up going through Wendy’s so we could save time for the rest of the night (and some money) and go to the pool.  I wasn’t too hungry and ended up getting a grilled chicken wrap (minus some of the tortilla).  I had the kids split a 5-piece chicken nugget order from the value meal.  After our drive-thru run, I made my husband drop me off at Target to at least get something healthy for the kids.  I ended up picking up carrots and dip and some applesauce GoGo Squeez. applesauce

Go Go Squeez – Apple sauce on-the-go!

As for my husband’s dinner, let’s not highlight it but I will say the 32-ounce chocolate shake from B-Bop’s was outrageous (yes, we had to make an extra stop to B-Bop’s just for their shakes). The giant shake was a large and my husband thought it was a great deal to move up from the medium to a large for an additional 10 cents.  He verified the shake to be the family’s dessert! And yes when I was cleaning up last night it was empty!  I was only able to find the nutrition facts for a small chocolate shake on their website at 450 calories, I suspect that we don’t want to know what the nutrition profile for a large chocolate shake, yikes! 

My lunches are just as frustrating but I will have to say I have found an okay substitute and very thrifty.  I bought some tuna and/or pink salmon from the store and added it to a value salad off the drive-thru.  Yes, still not fantastic but for less than $3 I have a great source of protein and some veggies, hooray!  Here are the products I like to add with the salad.

tuna   salmon

Try a flavored or marinated tuna!  Buy single serving size cans in a 3 pack.

Ok, I still cannot dis on fast food restaurants because when you have three kids (2 month old, 2 year-old and 5 year-old), it can be a mother’s best friend.  Again making the right choices is key and hopefully add some fruit and veggies during the day.

Let’s see what we have for out next meals . . . maybe I will have more energy to get creative . . . Smile 

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