Getting the Baby Weight Off . . . the tough times

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Well, as my atmosphere gets changed again during this time before our final move, traveling makes eating right even harder.  I have been living with my parents for a bit and oh boy!  I have had the luxury of indulging in my mother’s cinnamon rolls and much more! You’ve got to be kidding me!  What is a girl to do with her favorite foods right at her fingertips?  Well, I say to myself, “You don’t get cinnamon rolls everyday?”  Ok, maybe I do at my parents place but our time will soon be ending. Sometimes I think we use to many excuses.   We also may think that it is the end of the world and we have to eat everything in sight before it vanishes off of the face of the earth!  My brain is telling me, “ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!  It’s the end of the world and you will never ever see cinnamon rolls in your life so eat up before it is too late!”  Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!  Ok, maybe not that extreme but you know what I mean. 


Just to let you know, I did enjoy a cinnamon roll, chips and rhubarb cake but I also tried not to go crazy.  I have found that if I don’t eat some good protein and fiber for breakfast or at meals then my stomach becomes bottomless, yikes!  So I enjoyed my favorite treats but when it is time to stop, tell yourself, “STOP!”  Plus, when I exercised I was also more apt to eat better because I felt better about myself after a little jog.  So to conclude remember these tips:


1) Don’t go crazy, remember moderation and tell yourself it is not the end of the world!


2) Even if you indulge, don’t forget the protein and fiber at your meals, otherwise you may just keep eating.


3) Exercise!  As I am getting back into an exercise routine I forget about how fast I am going or how many miles I can do in the allotted time and just focus on enjoying the time to move!  Here is what I am doing on the treadmill. I find four of my favorite songs to get me super pumped up and put them on my playlist.  I jog during the song and walk for a minute in between each song.  Intervals are a great way to get back in shape!  Start slow and enjoy it!

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