Getting the Baby Weight Off . . .

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Well, as the baby weight is slowly coming off, I am feeling more like myself everyday.  I gained about 30 pounds with this baby and have just have a couple more pound to go!  As time prevails, I will have to say that breastfeeding, eating right and a little exercise has been the recipe to melting off the extra baby weight.  I am going to be very honest and share my secrets and also my tribulations during this time.  Hopefully my posts may help others jump start their weight loss goals.  Slowly but surely I know I can do it and that is exactly the way you have to think too.


The first few weeks after baby the weight just flew off but of course those last ten pounds are always the most challenging.  My baby is now eight weeks old and I realize what my body used to look like when I get back into my old clothes.  A comfy t-shirt and pj pants definitely  hide all my imperfections, ha! Especially since I am not going back to work I can wear my pajamas all day, not really.


During these past few weeks I have really learned that if you are physically not in the mind-set to get healthy then forget it! You are just wasting your time.  It is all in your head!  Eat right or not eat right . . . it is your choice!  Why is losing weight so hard?  If I had a magic pill to motivate (and keep you motivated) everyone that wanted to lose weight I would be a gazillionaire!

As slowly reach my pre-baby weight, I have listed some simple motivation tips below to help others get on track.


1) Exercise –  Exercise turns on your body’s “healthy mode” and can  help kick into high gear.   Even just a little exercise can make a huge impact!  Start slow!   I have realized that when I exercise I want to eat better and even have more energy.

2) Bring out the old pictures – Remember what you used to look like and make that your goal or if you don’t have any find someone in a magazine (be realistic, no supermodels – I found a picture of a mom in the Parent magazine.  She had great toned legs and arms!).

3) Journal – Write about your day.  This is so hard because I don’t even have time to go to the bathroom by myself (now with three kids!) but a small happy or sad face can say quite a bit.  These little symbols can let you know to keep going or get back on the track.


These are three simple things you can do to keep you motivated.  I will be writing more once my life settles a bit.  We are in the process of finally moving.  My husband and my kids and I have not been officially together as a family in our own home  since December last year.  I cannot wait to all be together!  A whole new chapter of our life is beginning in a different house, different city and now as a family of five!  I am so excited to begin the journey!

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