Extra Weight = Uncomfortable

So the other day I was thinking about how uncomfortable I am (almost 38 weeks prego) as I bend down, walk upstairs and just the other daily duties.  Don’t get me wrong but I do enjoy being pregnant, especially after the 17 weeks of nausea, but I am excited to get my body back and start exercising like normal.

My revelation hit me when I saw some other people wobble like me, needless to say they were very overweight, especially in the mid-section.  Wow, so this is what it feel like being overweight – UNCOMFORTABLE!  So uncomfortable it makes me not want to do physical activities, however I know that when I do some exercise my hip bones, pelvis and the rest of my body feels better.


I have been experiencing normal symptoms like any overweight person – shortness of breath (due to baby growing and feeling like she is on my lungs), heartburn, indigestion, unable to sleep and much more.  Hmm . . . . now my question is why do some people just live with this uncomfortable feeling day in and day out? Do they know what it feels like without the weight?  Do they care how they feel and just deal with it?


So, what is the motivation?  How would you feel if you shaved just 10 pounds off?


So if this post makes you think a bit about yourself here are some SIMPLE things to consider.


Eat when you are hungry! Before you put something in your mouth ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”  Listen to your body.  We eat live not live to eat.  You can still enjoy your food just in the right amount.


Eat half of everything on your plate!  This especially comes in handy when you are at a party – slice that darn birthday cake piece in half!  Just because it is on your plate doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it!  Enjoy that half slice piece and eat slowly (next point!).


Eat slowly!  Take at least 20 minutes to eat your meals.  It is not a race, your food will not run off your plate, it is already dead.


Drink water and stay hydrated!  About 70% of the time when you “think” you are hungry, you are really just thirsty.  Try some lemon, orange or lime juice to your water to help quench your thirst.   Keep it all natural!

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