Planning + Portioning = Success

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It is as simple as that – planning AND portioning your meals and snacks to get you to your weight loss goals.  


I laugh as I say it is that simple (I am sure you are too!).  First off, many of us do not have time to plan out every single thing they put into their mouths.  Plus what exactly is a portion size and even if I do portion out my food I still tend to go back for seconds.  Ugh, it is a never-ending battle!  AAAHHHH!


First you have to WANT to get to your weight loss goal.  If you really don’t want to or don’t have the energy – then forget it!


PLANNING – Well, take an hour or so at the beginning of your week to plan out your food.

For me planning is making sure I have plenty of apples in my fruit bowl, having measured out my nuts in little baggies, stocking the freezer with some go-to lunches (Healthy Choice & Lean Cuisine) and making sure I have some fresh veggies and lean protein on hand for an easy dinner.



I weigh out a variety of nuts into little snack baggies.  Each bag weighs 1 ounce.  I like to mix a few of  sweetened almonds with plain roasted almonds.    I place all the baggies in a container in my cupboard and I have plenty of easy grab-and-go snacks.  My fav is to have some almonds with a cup of coffee for a break in the afternoon!


Organization will take you far!  If you have snacks that you take on-the-go this will make life much easier when you are in a hurry!


I place my baggies in one container and a variety of other favs.  Here is what one of my cupboards looks like –


Above: Nuts, flaxseed, whey protein, crackers, Kashi GoLean cereal, Nature Valley granola thins, Calbee snap pea crisps, raisins, and more!

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