A Killer Hunger-Stopping Breakfast

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This breakfast will keep you going the entire morning and it is extremely satisfying.  Nothing is better than than a good ole fashion egg, yes a regular egg that is loaded with essential nutrients and protein.  I like the Omega Plus eggs.


When I don’t have much time for breakfast I throw in one egg in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave for about 1 minute.  I put the egg in Joseph’s whole wheat pita bread and top with some pineapple salsa! May throw in a half slice of cheese if needed . 

Nutrition Facts without cheese: 145 calories; 8g fat; 8g carbohydrates; 4g fiber; 365mg sodium; 12g protein

Absolutely delicious!


We really enjoy the pitas at my house, as my daughter will even eat them for a snack and says, “Mom are these healfy?” 

Healthy is what she means, I like to think she is learning about nutrition at a very young age Smile 



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