Obesity–A never ending battle in health care

Not only is Obesity becoming an epidemic and detrimental to our health but it is also putting a hole in our nation’s healthcare pocket book!


Check out this recent article from msnbc.msn.com

Obesity’s big fat cost to states: $15 billion per year


As much I am already wildly passionate about obesity, some of these statistics are still hard to believe including – researchers estimated national costs attributable to obesity to be $147 billion from a 2009 stat.


Now as many people are interested about lowering our health care costs maybe some dollar signs might make some people focus more on prevention and treatment – ah-ha listen to your dietitian!


Don’t let me get on my soap box about this topic but just look around at any public place.   I recently went to the state fair (almost the ideal place to find obesity) and I thought, “WOW, what are we doing to ourselves?”  Ok, I did indulge in some favorites too but who doesn’t?  We shared our plate of fried food with my family and then I also ran 8 miles the next day.  I think I could have broke some obesity stats that day.


So what can you do to make your life healthier?


Here are some neat things going at the state and national level to help stop the traumatic obesity rates: