Update on my experiment with avocados

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Last week I blogged about A Whole New Look At Avocados and my latest version of a chocolate milkshake flipped with an avocado.  Well I mentioned something about using avocados in other sweet treats such as cupcakes and icing.  Since I had so much fun with the milkshake here we go. . . . 


Don’t they look beautiful!


Yes I substituted one avocado for the oil in the cake mix.  (1 choc cake mix, 1 1/4 cup water, 1 egg and 1 mashed avocado)  I also (I am still so excited) substituted criso/cream cheese in the icing for two pureed avocados!!


Isn’t that amazing – the icing looked like real icing, in its gorgeous natural green color!   I had many people try them but of course did not tell them before they ate it and received  great positive comments!  I was very impressed with the turnout!


Trading out the saturated fat for healthy monounsaturated fat – whoohoo!

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