Favorite Friday Product–Noosa. Finest Yoghurt

Favorite Friday Product–Noosa. Finest Yoghurt

I was not expecting anything special when I decided to buy this yogurt, actually I only bought it because it was marked down for only 99 cents!  After my first taste of noosa I immediately went back to the store and bought a ton more!



This yogurt is thicker than regular yogurt, kind of like Greek yogurt, but creamier with a silky texture like pudding!  It is absolutely delicious!  Oh my, that is all that I can say. I thought Greek yogurt was best thing since sliced bread, well move over Greek yogurt, noosa is taking the spotlight in my frig!


The nutrition facts look pretty good too!  With a bit more protein than regular yogurt and even one gram of fiber, nothing to fancy.  Just remember the container serves TWO!  It is hard not to eat the whole 8-ounce container.  As you can see a bit more fat but that is coming from the cream which now I understand why it is so good – just keep in moderation.


The nutrition facts below is the honey flavor.  I did notice the mango I tried yesterday had one gram less sugar. 


Nutritional information




Hope you are able to try out this delicious treat!