A Whole New Look at Avocados!

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I definitely have been inspired by this neat little fruit, by the way did you know they are a fruit and not a vegetable (it because of the seed in the middle)!


I get the Food Network magazine and May’s issue had some interesting ways to use an avocado – even a recipe to make icing for cupcakes!  I am definitely going to test that out.  


I have also seen using avocados in cakes and cookies – just replace half the fat with an avocado.


Well, today I made a yummy smoothie and I could not even taste it!  Why add an avocado, you may ask?  Well avocados are loaded with healthy fat such as monounsaturated fat and also contain a great amount of vitamin E, which is beneficial for the heart.  There are so many benefits to this curious fruit, just try it out!


Here is a simple recipe I tried

1 strawberry Greek yogurt

1/4 avocado

1/4 cup frozen raspberries

3/4 cup almond milk

Blend all ingredients together.  It was the creamiest smoothie!  I would like to venture and a try chocolate smoothie!


So I did Smileand wow, what a surprise!


Chocolate Milk Shake

1/4 avocado

1 cup almond milk

2 tsps cocoa powder

1 tbsp chocolate syrup (darn, I would have used my fav raw agave nectar but I ran out from the last time we had pancakes)

1/2 cup ice

Blend ingredients together!  The avocado gives the milk shake the creamiest and thickness like ice cream!  But instead of having saturated from ice cream, we replace it with healthy fat in the avocado.


We will keep on testing more recipes out. 

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